Develop tab & Catalog dropdowns

Although this feature is already available through a plugin I believe it would benefit a lot of users on the Roblox platform:

I believe every user should have this feature by default, as a Roblox Developer I continuously swap between page and this plugin literally saved me hours and hours even though it’s so small and simple. All it does is provide a list of every single tab that you can access from each page whether it’s opening up your group places, group decals, your decals, meshes, etc.

Images of what the plugin allows you to do:



This would significantly speed up the time spent searching through pages to find different tabs or waiting on slow internet to load 5 different pages to get to the page you desire. This is also helpful with the Roblox item catalog although I generally focus more on the development tab when using this plugin.

  • This would be a helpful feature
  • This would not be a helpful feature

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I’d support this feature, because this will easily cut down some page loading time, mostly will benefit people who has troubles with loading pages, I believe.

Also will benefit by getting immediately to the desired page without having to directing into other connecting pages first.

All as stated above.

What it will benefit me:

  • Easier to find the page where you need to upload specific things such as decals.