Developer Awards! Phase 1: Swag Bags

I just want to say my thoughts on this; I know this is gonna come off as a rant. I strongly dislike the 40m robux earned requirement to get anything.

A developer such as myself that’s spent 8 years trying to make new and innovative games may earn little to nothing; I’ve only gotten a little less than 300 robux in my entire time making games.

However, someone with a week of experience could make a simulator game in a day and get instant profit.

Why bother trying to be innovative and creative and “power imagination” when you could just follow a format and get instant reward from it? This strongly encourages this behaviour as if I keep trying to make innovative games that no one’s seen before, there’s a very small chance it’ll take off. If I spend a week making a simulator game, I can guarantee it would skyrocket in player count and the microtransactions would stack up exponentially.

The trend of “follow X format for profit or get nothing out of it” is genuinely irritating me.

I try to contribute as much as I can to the community. I’ve spent 3 years on the devforum and I enjoy helping others; however, I end up getting nothing out of it because I’m not “successful.” I know I sound like an arrogrant brat by saying this, but it’s true. Why should someone who just installed studio last month be able to follow a format and have a popular game in a day while an experienced dev can’t be innovative due to there being a very high risk of the game flopping.

Simulator used to mean something. Now it just means “a format that people can use to instantly profit that has the exact same gameplay as every other simulator.”

edit: the amount of robux I’ve earned in my entire lifetime on roblox is literally next to nothing.

This further emphasises my point; innovation is not profitable unless you follow a format along with it. Trying to create something completely new is almost guaranteed to fail. Only rewarding "popular’ games is not going to go well because the “popular” games are games that have been made dozens or even hundreds of times already in the past.

With all that people do for the community, it would be nice if it was at least acknowledged instead of just giving everything to star creators and popular devs.


Is this 40M robux in one’s best earning 12 consecutive months, going no further back than sometime in 2018?

Is 40M robux in 14 months not enough? What if you earned 40M from November 2019 to November 2020, does it not count since it’s 12 months split over 2 years?

Do multiple games one owns count? What about group funds distributed to us?


This is awesome, don’t know why this didn’t happen before, excited to possibly get this in the future…


Will Group funds count towards the Robux count for the owner of the group?


Correct me if I’m wrong but since January 2021 is getting close and this announcement is super new, isn’t this supposed to be 2021 instead of 2020?


Heyy, that’s pretty good, I think 40M+ earned robux is a bit too much.


This looks cool! The problem is that 40M lifetime Robux is a big requirement for most of us on the Developer Forum as we don’t have big games. What happens if your game is in a group or has been contributed to in team create?


You’re not paying $140k for a swag bag, it’s being given to you as a token of appreciation for being a developer. It’s easily $100 worth of stuff. Compare that to a golden play button from YouTube - probably worth about $50 in materials, and a random million-sub channel I picked has 140M views, which translates into approximately $140k. It’s very normal compared to other sites.

They could very easily give nothing at all. Why complain about something you’re getting as a bonus?


How does this work with teams? Most games have multiple people or even multiple owners behind them. A system like this would make more sense if the USER not the GAME had 40m+ lifetime Robux.

Like in here:


Welcome to devforum where people hate on the developer relations team for no reason at all… Poor devs : /


Are there plans to reward developers who give back to the developer community in the means of dev forum contributions?

In many cases, a piece of code, suggestion, or advice you can find on the dev forum leads to a spark of innovation that then completes a game that takes Roblox further. I know I have had countless positive experiences on the forum with how willing other developers here are with sharing valuable information, and I would like them to see rewards for their dedication.


So like, a big company such as adopt me, would all the devs who worked on it get it?


true, these are probably limited for the time being too.
I doubt roblox has enough of these to go around to give them out to people who lets say have only made 1 million robux, that increases the amount of developers to atleast like 5x more, probably a lot more than 5x.
And I also doubt that they have a whole factory for these things and are automated and have a dedicated team of inspectors, etc how youtube does.


This is really cool for developers, can’t wait to get mine :smiley:


This sounds cool! Although I think that R$40M is a lot for a few branded items though.


How would I determine my lifetime robux if all I can see is my accumulated robux from the past year?


I’d take his post as saying that making $140K USD for a few items worth no more than $300 as underwhelming, rather than an actual complaint of the rewards you get.

A few socks and a backpack is very underwhelming no matter what angle you look at it from.


It’s on top of the $140k USD though. It’s a freebie, not something you pay for. I’m glad they’re finally starting to introduce developer rewards, but there’s just so many open questions.


How do you determine lifetime robux gain? Does the gained robux have to come to my account to be counted? Or do I just have to have team-create access to the place that earns the robux for it to count?


This looks pretty cool. Although I don’t believe I will ever reach that huge amount of robux, it’s still a nice thing to have