Developer console causes fps drops?

when i play my own game my fps drop alot, i also checked for console and there’s alot of errors (idk if that’s the reason)

when i joined my alt my fps were running smoothly

what could this be?

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this could use some more info / videos or images of this happening cuz just from what you provided it seems you have a few memory leaks involving how youre handling players and such.

u want vids of the dev console or cus im using acs gun system and its giving me like 600 errors and they just keep increasing everytime a player joins

i had like 15 ppl on my game and my fps just dropped but the other people were fine

acs moment
i make all of my framework stuff from scratch so i wouldnt know anything ab acs

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It is actually normal to have FPS upon many amount of errors appearing at once. You should try to fix these scripts (even tho ACS systems are generally extremely complicated for no reason).