Developer Console Logs?

In games I have played, I have seen this division between different type of games. One type of game has a very lively developer console, meaning that developer console is filled with stuff like this:

18:23:34 - StarterInitScript Finished Loading
18:43:34 - Gun Raycast CFrames fired from bootsareme
18:45:34 - ControllerScript finished, Execution time: 5.245432886242
18:56:49 - -0.4343643, 24.6, 97426, 0.42606260026, 2642

FYI: these logs are made up in my head and may not be accurate

You also have games that have quiet developer logs, aka nothing inside of developer console. Does a “lively” dev console impact game performance and/or memory? Is your game a lively dev console or a quiet dev console?

Some developers may want to remove print statements from their live games for reasons. I personally wouldn’t take the time to remove print statements that help me know what’s running and going on to make sure it’s working well. It also could help with bug fixing in the future. Though I do make print statements that I eventually remove after developing something since those print statements were only made to assist with bug fixing of a certain section of code.

The question of having a quiet or “lively” developer console is up to the developer I would say. I don’t see any substantial performance gain from removing print statements. I would consider it a micro optimization where it doesn’t do much unless you are making a print statement constantly in a loop but even then, I’m not too sure if there’s any performance gain.

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So for the print statements no significiant optimization is achieved?