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Hello UI team.

I noticed an issue with the developer console UI which prevents a user from closing the console and exiting the game.

To replicate:
Launch a game in the roblox app that supports portrait and landscape viewing modes.

Use device in portrait mode.

Open developer console.

Attempt to close the console.
(if your device is small you’ll notice that the ‘X’ is crumpled and blocked by other UI elements).

Device: Huawei p20 lite

My initial thought to get around this is to switch to landscape mode; however the UI doesn’t adjust:


This is still an issue, makes it hard to test for portrait mode

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Please note whether you’re using an android or iOS device. :wink:

Sure thing: iOS device, iPhone 6s

Having the same issue with my portrait mode game. Unable to close the dev console.
Also, it’d be really helpful if I could sort the log in reverse chronological order so that new messages filter into the top, or a checkbox to autoscroll the list to the bottom as new messages come in

(og iPhone X)

also, when my game starts in portrait mode, i have to like make sure rotation lock is disabled on my phone, and rotate to landscape and then back to portrait to get the black bar for the notch to move to the top of the screen from off the right hand side

also, also… why doesn’t studio simulate touch drag events? :cri:

UPDATE for now i just enabled landscape AND portrait mode in my game. i might throw up a popup that says to rotate the screen and make sure your phone’s rotation lock is disabled to get into the correct orientation

while i wish this wasn’t an issue at all, it’d be a nice workaround if we could at least Jog Roblox’s internal state by having it re-check the current sensor value

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Look like this issue has been fixed

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