Developer Console view tabs appear behind frame when console is small

On mobile, the buttons for switching tabs appear behind the Developer Console which partially obstructs the view, which can make it harder to switch tabs. This happens on all pages of the Developer Console.

This is shown in the screen-shot provided.

I run the most recent version of Roblox on Mobile and my device is an iPad Mini generation 2.
This bug also occurs when you resize the Console to a smaller variation on Desktop.
(This no longer occurs on Desktop)


Can reproduce on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Really annoying as it’s challenging to switch tabs whilst testing on my mobile device

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This occurs on every mobile device I’ve tested as well including my iPhone X, iPad mini 1 and a few other older iOS devices. I don’t have a problem pushing the buttons, it’s just hard to see .

Edit: I’m unable to use the buttons.

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Along with my phone, I am also able to reproduce it on my laptop with the Developer Console window small.

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Also an issue for Android:

Nokia 7 plus running Android 9.0.

I am able to reproduce this bug on my iPhone 6s. It’s quite a confusing bug. Whenever I try to access the view tabs I don’t see them, thinking they are part of the background.

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This issue hinders my ability to debug through the Developer Console on mobile. I’m using a Nexus 6p on Android 8.1.0

I can reproduce this bug still on iPhone 7s I hope they fix this soon as it makes it really hard to debug on mobile

This is still happening. Any news of this problem getting fixed? It has been four months. image
(using an iPhone XS Max)


Happening on all my mobile devices regardless of screen size

^ iPad Pro 11-Inch

This bug is still occurring today. Has anyone looked into it yet?

I’m not sure if the bug is specific to mobile devices, but I’m able to reproduce it consistently on my iPad.

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It wasn’t. This also occurred on desktop when the console was resized to be small. However testing it today. It no longer occurs.

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On mobile, on my iPad atleast, the developer console doesn’t work properly. The menus are displayed behind the actual console, making it impossible to switch between client and server, and other menus.


This happens 100% of the time, and has been happening for the past few months, probably longer.


When opening the developer console on a touch device, I’m unable to switch console categories (Log/Memory/Network etc.) or switch from Client to Server in the dropdown widgets.

Tested on iPhone XS Max and iPhone 6+.

Ugh. This is still happening 6 months later and is making developing for mobile extremely tedious or borderline impossible.

Please someone fix this.

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I came across this today and am thoroughly surprised that this still hasn’t been fixed after all these months.

Normally, I’d just bring up the old console with /oldconsole, however, the command no longer seems to function. This leaves me no way to debug things on the server or access any other information on mobile anymore :frowning: .

This doesn’t seem like too big of a change that would take long to implement. I’d appreciate some insight on whether or not someone has looked into this and when a fix is coming.

Pressing the “Log” or “Client” dropdown menu just sends the options in the back; and you can’t even click on them, nor anything else in the console.

Is it something with the ZIndex in the CoreGui? Or Sibling/Global?

Go to studio. Emulate on a iPhone 7 device.
Press play, and open console.
Press “Log” or “Client”.

When I open the developer console on my tablet I can’t change from the output log to something else like script performance because the options show up behind everything else. I can’t find any way to move the menu out of the way and the options go away when the menu is closed.

Device is a Lenovo Tab 4 Plus running Android 7.1.1

We are aware of this issue and working on a fix, thanks for the report.


I’m pleased to say this issue no longer persists! Now we can freely debug on mobile once again :slightly_smiling_face:, thanks for the fix.