Developer Events - Live Ops | Submissions Open from Now through February 2020

Should we complete the game before submitting?

Do you mean, like when jailbreak was in beta, or a incomplete game?

Hi, I’ve filled out the Live Ops application about 2 weeks ago from now. My game was never posted on the Developer Events page? I’m a bit frustrated currently, I’ve invested a hefty amount of my Robux for advertisements and sponsors our game received a decent amount of players for a game that launched with an event. Our players didn’t last long in our game. Though I was expecting the “boost” of players with our game on the developer events page, It never happened. I never received a twitter message from Roblox saying “Your application is rejected.” or an email from Roblox. Can I have an explanation?

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incomplete, like only 10 percent is there.

You receive a Roblox Message. Also similar to other Roblox promotion systems, if you don’t receive a message then it is declined.

This looks awesome, I’m glad you guys are taking steps to circulate games better. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I have one question.

On the Roblox 2019 Events Update page you guys state that this will go into effect May 13th, 2019. But this date is old, and I don’t see a new date for when this goes into effect. Am I just missing something? When do the promotions start? Are they live right now?

LiveOps has been a thing since May, as the post you linked stated. I think we can consider this post a second “wave” of events, inviting us to apply our games for the timeline they have submissions open for.

You can see the current LiveOps games by clicking the “THIS WEEK ON ROBLOX” button on the left sidebar of the website.

Then yes you should complete your game, if you want to submit a incomplete game then you could try, but i doubt players would like to play a very incomplete game.


You’re certainly right about that. Good thing this is open until February 2020, right? Here, take my :blue_heart:.

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Thank you for the insight.

One last question. How does Roblox inform you about your acceptance; email, message on Roblox site, etc?

I personally received an email. I do not know if they have different methods of contact. I also do not know if you get a message if you are not accepted.

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How long did it take for them to send you an email?

yes you can! you just can’t have a game promoted within 4 weeks!


your game should be completed before the date you applied for

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if your application is accepted, we will contact you via email. Thank you for your patience.


Why is this? Why can’t our game be sponsored/promoted?


Hi @eskimochi,

Do you have any advice on what to do in order to improve a game’s changes of getting accepted for Live Ops? Maybe some guidelines of do’s and dont’s? Thanks.


If changes need to be made to the determined deadline by the applicant, how would one communicate this with the pending Live-Ops application?

I haven’t received a reply back yet and I planned for something that is now 11 days away (was 3 weeks planned). I don’t want them accepting me last minute and then having to mess anything up because I set a date up that I can’t fulfill.

I submitted a currently unfinished game, so hopefully that goes well!

I’m also concerned about you needing the exact time I’m pushing out the update. I will probably be updating the game around 24 hours in advance because I have a busy schedule. Is that okay?

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Can we submit paid access games?

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