Developer Events - Live Ops | Submissions Open from Now through February 2020

Hey developers,

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Live Ops thus far and to those who have already submitted events! We want to inform you that we’re extending the time to apply for our program and be promoted on our page.

Submissions are now open until February 2020!

If you would like Roblox to showcase your event, please update your game with cool features, new maps, etc. for the dates listed above. You can fill out this application.

Here are some things to consider:

  • You must be the owner of the game you are applying to have promoted
  • Submit your event at least 2 weeks in advance; please provide a specific date (doesn’t have to be a Thursday) and time you’re pushing out your update in EST.
  • In-game promo codes are fun for the community, so you may want to create some
  • You must complete the entire application

If you have previously applied, please make sure you submit a new application with the updated requirements above.

For more information, please see Roblox 2019 Events Update.

Thank you,
Developer Relations


how the promocode works? (for the live-op)


Is there a guarantee that we will receive some sort of notification that our submission has been accepted or denied? I’ve submitted around 4 for the past submission period and received nothing so I hope that we can get a response for the new submission period.


Is there something happening after February 2020? The mention of a date feels like it implies that there’s some sort of pause or change that’s going on after that point to me, but the post doesn’t really mention anything more on that.


I believe they were referencing to how some games have their own “promocode” system (or probably better known as “Twitter codes”), i.e. “follow developer X on twitter to get codes for thing Y”, etc.


if they mean to promocode that can give a item in web so the live-op going be really better.
i am think live-op need be with items like in another events on roblox for make more fun.

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They have stated in the past that live-ops events won’t be receiving special platform-wide items, however I suppose this could change at some point with the addition of public UGC (User Generated Content) but I doubt that will be for a long time. So in short any rewards that players receive from live-ops have to be implemented via the game’s developer through in-game items such as currency, special limited time items and such

EDIT: More info on this can be found here under the “Additional Information” heading.

I loved participating in Live Ops in July! I’m submitting my new game for a slot ASAP!. Are we allowed to apply the same game for multiple events within the time period?

Should we complete the game before submitting?

Do you mean, like when jailbreak was in beta, or a incomplete game?

Hi, I’ve filled out the Live Ops application about 2 weeks ago from now. My game was never posted on the Developer Events page? I’m a bit frustrated currently, I’ve invested a hefty amount of my Robux for advertisements and sponsors our game received a decent amount of players for a game that launched with an event. Our players didn’t last long in our game. Though I was expecting the “boost” of players with our game on the developer events page, It never happened. I never received a twitter message from Roblox saying “Your application is rejected.” or an email from Roblox. Can I have an explanation?

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incomplete, like only 10 percent is there.

You receive a Roblox Message. Also similar to other Roblox promotion systems, if you don’t receive a message then it is declined.

This looks awesome, I’m glad you guys are taking steps to circulate games better. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I have one question.

On the Roblox 2019 Events Update page you guys state that this will go into effect May 13th, 2019. But this date is old, and I don’t see a new date for when this goes into effect. Am I just missing something? When do the promotions start? Are they live right now?

LiveOps has been a thing since May, as the post you linked stated. I think we can consider this post a second “wave” of events, inviting us to apply our games for the timeline they have submissions open for.

You can see the current LiveOps games by clicking the “THIS WEEK ON ROBLOX” button on the left sidebar of the website.

Then yes you should complete your game, if you want to submit a incomplete game then you could try, but i doubt players would like to play a very incomplete game.


You’re certainly right about that. Good thing this is open until February 2020, right? Here, take my :blue_heart:.

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Thank you for the insight.

One last question. How does Roblox inform you about your acceptance; email, message on Roblox site, etc?

I personally received an email. I do not know if they have different methods of contact. I also do not know if you get a message if you are not accepted.

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How long did it take for them to send you an email?