Developer Events - Live Ops | Submissions Open from Now through February 2020

Thank you for the insight.

One last question. How does Roblox inform you about your acceptance; email, message on Roblox site, etc?

I personally received an email. I do not know if they have different methods of contact. I also do not know if you get a message if you are not accepted.

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How long did it take for them to send you an email?

yes you can! you just can’t have a game promoted within 4 weeks!


your game should be completed before the date you applied for

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if your application is accepted, we will contact you via email. Thank you for your patience.


Why is this? Why can’t our game be sponsored/promoted?


Hi @eskimochi,

Do you have any advice on what to do in order to improve a game’s changes of getting accepted for Live Ops? Maybe some guidelines of do’s and dont’s? Thanks.


If changes need to be made to the determined deadline by the applicant, how would one communicate this with the pending Live-Ops application?

I haven’t received a reply back yet and I planned for something that is now 11 days away (was 3 weeks planned). I don’t want them accepting me last minute and then having to mess anything up because I set a date up that I can’t fulfill.

I submitted a currently unfinished game, so hopefully that goes well!

I’m also concerned about you needing the exact time I’m pushing out the update. I will probably be updating the game around 24 hours in advance because I have a busy schedule. Is that okay?

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Can we submit paid access games?

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After you submitted your application, when did you receive an email from Roblox?

And when your game was selected to be a part of Live-Ops, when did you update your game? Does Roblox tell you exactly when to release your game’s event/update or do you just have to have your game updated right at the time you selected to have your game’s update be live?

And one last question, does your game have to be in its event/updated state when you submit it? During the first Live-Ops, I submitted my game about 3 times and didn’t get accepted in the end but I wasn’t sure if I had to have my game’s event/update out before submitting it, even though it says to “provide a specific date and time you’re pushing out your update in EST.” I was under the impression that you just had to submit your game in its current form, explain what your event/update entails, get accepted, and then release your game’s event/update on your own right before the time it’s supposed to go live.

I’m guessing most likely not since they aren’t free to play. I’d recommend you DM a staff member and ask about that. They’re more likely to know.

you can submit paid access games on the application


When you submit your game, your update doesn’t have to be complete. You just need to tell us what your update will be (at least 2 weeks ahead of time so our Social Team and try and accommodate and support). Please DM me if you have any other questions!


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Thank you for the clarification.

If I don’t hear back before the date of my event should I resubmit my application? I’ve submitted my game during the first live-ops a few times and never got a response sent to me and I’m afraid to say that the same thing is happening again. This leads me to believe there are hidden criteria involved that haven’t been specified such as one’s game having to require a certain amount of place visits beforehand or a high amount of positive ratings on one’s game. That, or my application is constantly being missed either by a large amount of applications constantly being turned in to where my applications end up below most of them or because of the hidden criteria I mentioned.

Clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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A bump was removed.

Please see An update on Live Ops for the latest information regarding Live-Ops

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