Developer forum API?

I’ve been working on my own discord bot in python, I already made a command that gets the group rank when someone requests it.
Now I also want to add a devforum rank, I used Roblox API. But is there a same thing for the devforum?

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You can use the RoVer API idk if it will work for devforum ranks i would use the discorse API if that dosnt work.

Discourse is built on a public api. To get someone’s trust level, you can do


This can also be done with groups, categories topics, posts, and so much more (basically everything).

These endpoints (for public profiles/groups/categories) do not require authentication.

The RoVer API just tells you a Roblox account from a Discord account. The RoVer bot uses the methods I listed above.

iirc the API requires authentication, and DET disabled it for security reasons.