Developer Forum Dark Theme

Not to mention the pinkish tone of the heart…

And this blue looks bad with the black honestly. I’d so prefer something like a medium stone gray (between White and the other darker gray used on the site with the current dark theme)


Now when can we see dark theme for the main roblox site :blush:



I just realised that the devforum isn’t already in dark theme. At least it’s official now.

On mobile it just doesnt look good in my opinion and fits better as the original though this is because of layout and color placement. The whole thing looks ackward like Im using someones inversion script.

If you guys could apply this basic customisation tool to the Roblox website, such that it looks like the following screenshot, then I would happily disable my custom theme.


As I said in the other thread, the devforums as well as Studio have a unique colour palette that is used for both light and dark mode. I don’t know if it’ll be that easy to change.

Oh well. I left dark mode on for about a day or two and decided that I’ve been so used to the eye-scorching default theme that dark theme just isn’t working out for me on the DevForum.

if u use discord light theme tho, dont talk to me


To me it’s just too dark. I’m noticing the same issue with the studio dark theme.

On Discord it’s bright enough to be useable under all lightings, however the dev forum and studio dark themes feel like I need to have all the lights off to even use them.


Agreed, I lightened up some of the colors and I think something close to this would look nicer and be easier on the eyes



I love dark theme

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Bit late, but I did get around to making my tweaks to the theme.

I based it off an older theme by Anaminus, which for some reason Stylebot doesn’t work with anymore, and the working version I had went missing on my 2 working laptops. It has a couple of problems, so I won’t be releasing it yet. If anyone is a web designer with a lot more CSS experience than me, feel free to PM me to optimize it.

Ex: Portrait mode causes problems with the outlines.

Also, my theme introduces the problem where likes are inconsistent. On the stats page, the likes have the !important tag, which I don’t know of any ways to work around.

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