Developer Forum Dark Theme


Hey Developers,

By now you probably heard the hype around the new Studio Dark Theme but you haven’t heard anything from us about being able to browse through the Developer Forum without the :sun_with_face: taking your eye sight away! :open_mouth:

Well, we have great news for you all. Today we are excited to join in with the hype and also release a Dark Theme version of the Developer Forum which can now be enabled by following these three simple steps :wink:

  1. Go to this page
  2. Theme > Dark
  3. Save Changes

We hope you enjoy the changes and would love to hear your feedback in the replies.


Nice i can stop using the custom dark theme plugin for the devforums now


Mobile browsing is no longer a pain


Welcome to the dark side. Now my whole work flow is dark.


I see we also have a new light theme, which is ever so slightly brighter than the default theme! Perfect for getting that much more sunlight to beam into my eyes!

Lovin’ the dark theme, been using it since I saw it earlier today and it’s pretty chill!


Does this mean a dark theme for the roblox site itself next? :eyes:


Or they could bring back the old OBC theme, which was the original “dark theme” of Roblox :wink: !


Personally I like the theme that my stylish plugin uses (dark blox):


Lol just saw this thread. Devforum dark mode also carries over to the discourse mobile app!


I love it.


Awesome to see this for the mobile version of Chrome. Probably still going to use a the theme I have now for desktop.

Edit: An example is the logo. On the main navigation page, the text is still black.


Ah yes, finally, looks much better than the stylish theme.


I love it! Only issue is at the top of pages the ‘Developer’ is still dark and not white.(Unless you scroll down the ‘Developer’ stays dark. Might be the only one, not sure though. Either way, lovin it.


Yep, the text is white after reloading the page, but scrolling down in any thread and scrolling back up will give you the black text again.



I’ve been waiting for a discourse dark theme!


All right so I’m not the only one then! I really hope they fix this soon. I just checked out studio dark mode and just :heart_eyes:


It looks near perfect on the discourse app


The darkness is like creamy butter on a fresh 5 stack of pancakes.



As a person who looks at the colors super deep…


Looks like I will have some CSS modding to do tomorrow…