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Not too long ago, Roblox released the brand new functions and events for game passes. However, many new and even experienced scripters are still confused due to the Wiki’s information on game passes not being up-to-date. Listed below, I have compiled a list of outdated information about game passes on the Wiki:


I thought the update about the re-release of the gamepass updates meant that everything would work now. Can we get a list of what doesn’t work so I don’t keep implementing things wrong?

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Thanks for posting this! I’ve recently been very confused by this too when searching for solutions.

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We are aware of the documentation quirks. Rest assured that this and many other things are going to be fixed in the near future. More information will follow in the coming weeks.


That might be too many to list but you can find most of them here


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Just ran into this very frustration when updating my old game. Nowhere on the wiki does it say PlayerHasPass shouldn’t be used or replaced with the newer, better way, and I was stuck confusedly trying to figure out why my GamePass wasn’t working at all. Please do something about this!

Thanks everyone for flagging this.

We completely agree that our documentation was a bit confusing here.

The following changes have been made:

If anyone is looking for a general how-to guide for implementing game passes under the ‘new’ regime, we also have an article up on that topic.

Note - we are aware there are some display issues on these pages (largely due to cross-references not rendering correctly). This is a known bug.


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