Developer Hub obby model for those who want to script before building!

This is for beginners who want to use the Roblox Developer Hub to learn how to script!

This model does not contain any scripts so you can learn how to code with Lua via the Developer Hub tutorial! This saves you time if you want to script instead build!

Of course, if you want to learn how to build/make an obby, you can use my model for that too!

Please feel free to reply on this topic if this isn’t the right place to put this! I would also love feedback! That would be terrific!

You can use my model down below! :arrow_down:


I’m having a hard time understanding.

But then you say,

How does this model exactly help you script. I don’t understand.

Also, I am pretty sure some of these assets are not yours since I found a script that says gives credit to a different person:

   --Thanks for getting the Cartoon Animated Tree Model! It is simple to use just insert it into workspace and put it where you would like it and 
--Thats it! 

--Perfect for showcases, hangouts, and more!

--BY TAWK1215
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Oops! It shouldn’t say that, I’ll edit that! Thanks! What I mean is that you can use this so you don’t have to build anything, because in the Developer Hub tutorial, you need to build some of these before you actually script it. :slight_smile:

I will also remove the other models! Thank you!

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If it’s in a tutorial, then it’s for learning. Not just taking random models.
I’m pretty sure if people are taking a tutorial, they would be doing it themselves.

Mabye, I don’t understand. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Oh, sorry! Yes, if it’s a Developer Hub tutorial, they would be doing it themselves. But this model is supposed to be saving them time to script instead of building. Some people might want to script, and not to build, and they can go right to that with my model!

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