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About Us

We are King Shot, developing a game known as GTC (Get to Cover). We are currently recruiting all types of developers. Listed as one below.

King Shot formed a month ago.
Owner - @4shadez (me)
Manager(Co) - @JonathonBows

In need or hiring

In need of

We are in need of UI Scripters, or scripters in general (to script UI or reload scripts.)
Animators (reload, take gun out etc)
Music Producers (background music)
Modelers (guns)

Currently Hiring

Builders (maps)
GFX Artists (thumbnails or logo)
Advertisers (for game release)

If I missed your type of developing tag, please contact @JonathonBows (recruiter, manager) or @erh20111 (owner, recruiter)

The Team

We have many robloxians on our DevTeam. All listed below (13)

Owner and Manager









Message Me

Twitter Page/Message Me
Alt Main
DevForum Profile


King Shot (Group)
GTC (Game)


50-100 R$ (weekly)
Will be higher once game goes somewhere and makes revenue.

Join The Team Today!

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