Developer Payout Calculator

The Problem
I usually hire a team of developers for larger projects to speed up dev time and learn new ways to do things more efficiently. Most of the time the developers want to be paid based on how much work they did VS how much work everyone else did. Sometimes they want to be paid an even % across the board. I got frustrated having to do the math every project so I created a nice excel sheet that would do it for me. I thought other developers might be interested so here’s the sheet and a quick tutorial. The data in the sheet is not based on real project data.

Interested? Here’s how to get started!
Sheet URL: Ben_Est's Developer Payout Calculator (Public Version) - Google Sheets

  1. You should start by making a copy from the File menu of Google Sheets.
    step 1

  2. Next, add your developers. You can copy / delete rows as needed, don’t worry about the numbers to the right just yet.
    step 2

  3. Now that you have inserted who has worked on your project, input the job totals and % you’re splitting with the developers. Do not touch Total Paid to Developers unless you know what you’re doing. It’s the amount paid to developers based on your profit and % given to devs.
    step 3

  4. Now fill in all of the detailed information for each developer as described in the image below. Play around with the % values until you’re satisfied.

  5. Check over everything, payout, show your team, show your sales guys, whatever you want to do with the data.

You can easily determine an even split of pay, uneven split based on performance, or any other metric. The sheet contains dropdown boxed to improve usability. You could reconfigure the sheet for Robux pay as well. This could be a nice way to determine One Time Payouts each month between owners if you do not distribute funds based on automatic group payments for some reason.

I hope this helps those of you who run dev teams as much as it has helped me! Let me know how you think it could be improved, what are use cases not mentioned in this post? What do you think of the system overall? What are the alternatives?


0/10 inputs are not (0, 0, 1)


This would be cooler if it was made on Roblox. :wink: