Developer product image api fails with status code 504

Uploading a developer product image through the API returns a 504 timeout response. This can be seen on the create page when attempting to change the product icon.

When this issue first appeared, the website was also showing an error. Now, this error doesn’t show on the front end.

The image gets uploaded correctly. Only the API response fails, making it harder to use the API.

Expected behavior

The API should not timeout and should respond with status code of 200

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Hi - looking into this; just to confirm, the image upload goes through but it still returns a 504? Or the entire call to save changes fails?

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yes, uploading works but returns 504

This should be fixed, let me know if you see it again.


We’ve fixed the bug! Everything should be running properly now. Are you encountering any more difficulties?


Works great, thanks for the quick response!

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