"Developer Product with the same name already exists" error when updating product

On the website you can no longer update existing dev products it’s price without changing the name. It thinks that you’re creating a new product with the same name when you’re are just updating that dev product with that name.

The bugs happens on the website and in Studio making it impossible to edit dev products.
Edit: This happens with all browser extensions disabled.

I started to notice the bug at 17th of July 2020 as I haven’t used products in a while I cannot confirm how long this has been happening.

Error Message

Example Video:

If required I will show the error from in studio also, or create a separate report for it.


I am experiencing this error when trying to update a DevProduct’s Icon image. Very annoying :frowning:.
Please work on a fix soon!

I’m brand new to Developer Products and discovered this same issue tonight.

Thanks to Kdude_YT who provided me the solution: You have to edit the name of your DP along with the other element you are changing, then edit a 2nd time and change the name back.

To be fair, that’s more of a workaround than a solution.

The bug has been fixed, it now works again as it supposed to work.

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