Developer products and rewards depicted as a slot machine (no gambling involved)

I want to have a devproduct (10-20 robux) that acts like a slot machine. You always win.
I am wondering if this is legal; is this something that can get me banned?
I have thought of a basic roulette instead but I think a slot machine would fit.

Even though “you always win”, this is probably still a grey area. A moderator will likely not think twice when they see a Developer Product linked to a gambling system before taking action. I would stay away.


You just described a lootbox. Show the odds to the player, this should be fine.

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I assumed it was only considered gambling if there was a chance for no payoff. Do you have any references of moderators banning for this?

There are a couple of threads about this topic. Here’s a recent one you can read for reference about the circumstances revolving around gambling:

While the mechanics you described are akin to a lootbox in that you are paying Robux to operate the machine and you always win an item, you need to make it explicitly clear that it is not a gambling machine and that’s just your way of representing your game’s depiction of lootboxes.

If you want to stay on the safe side of moderation, I wouldn’t recommend making a slot machine at all. They do take context and circumstances into account before making a decision but I’m no risk taker especially with Roblox moderation.

Whatever you end up choosing to create, make sure that the algorithm is completely random and fair to the player to be able to win items and that you’re disclosing the percentage change of winning anything through said machine.


If the prize is always the same, and what the prize is and the fact its the same 100% of the time it should be allowed. If its like for pets or something then I recommend you use a more kid friendly way such as a pet egg or an item crate since this is less directly linked to gambling and allowed within roblox TOS.

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“I recommend you trick kids into gambling, do not tell them that they’re actually gambling.”


Not necessarily. Just because it seems like it should be allowed, doesn’t mean it is. Please refer to the rules revolving around users paying for items on the site to make a more informed response.

Yeah, provided you follow the rules around this kind of thing and don’t make your intention ambiguous.

If you have a slot machine which in no way involves gambling its not invoking gambling tho is it? As far as im concerned there is nothing in the TOS banning a slot machine object.

Refer to the following comment:

Slot machine objects aren’t banned, but you need to tread carefully once it starts involving Robux for systems involving it.

In addition,

Just because it isn’t in the ToS, doesn’t mean it’s not allowed. The ToS isn’t exhaustive and expects you to use common sense in a lot of scenarios. Something doesn’t have have to be written for it not to be permitted.

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If it in no way involves chance its just really an animation for a purchase, and as I previously stated you must make it very clear that the prize is always the same and that is clearly stated, then there is no real reason to tread carefully.

This is true, but the only actually banned objects on roblox are stuff like syringes, therefor I honestly doubt there would be major consequences for having a prop slot machine.

As I stated tho to the OP, I would still strongly recommend the use of an egg or loot box instead.

The object in question and the context matters heavily. There is a significant amount of objects and other related paraphernalia that are not allowed on the site.

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I feel like we will keep going back and fourth here with neither of us really having strong enough evidence to prove our points.

I believe there is a low chance of the asset being moderated, but even if it is. GIVEN THE OP’S CIRCUMSTANCES OF NO GAMBLING INVOLVED there would be no major consequences and they
may just have a request from roblox to remove it from the game.

At the end of the day its the OP’s risk to take, and there are definitely better alternative I have already mentioned.

It would be helpful if roblox produced some clearer guidlines on gambling tho, since I believe there is A LOT of grey area.

mhm, I do agree there but as you stated the TOS is not exhaustive in some areas and I was just providing an example here.

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i think it is legal if u describe what u can get from it

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Their stance on gambling is very clear. It is permissible so long as it does not involve Robux in any part of the process. See my response:

Refer to Section I Rule 11 of the Roblox Community Rules as well.

Here is where I disagree, from what you can see here Guidelines around users paying for random virtual items - #76 by Automationeer

It is VERY clear, with an example that if it involves robux you have to state chances for it to be allowed, with nothing inferring its blanket band.

While it has previously been disputed this is only for pet eggs and loot boxes, I feel it fits with my point .

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These are two different posts altogether. Are you lost on what I am trying to convey? This is why I’m asking you to read my posts, because they have actual reasoning behind them.

Gambling is treated as a separate circumstance to lootboxes. The post you linked contains circumstances around lootboxes. Gambling is a different topic altogether. In a gamble you are capable of losing real monetary value as Robux can be purchased with real money. With a lootbox you are always guaranteed an item, so the stance is different in that if Robux is involved, then full disclosure on percentages must be presented.

I think why you are disagreeing with me and not fully understanding what I’m saying is because two completely unrelated circumstances are being meshed into one discussion where they shouldn’t be; and if I led you to that confusion, then my mistake and apologies. This is why I keep repeatedly linking my post though. That thread covers both gambling and lootboxes.

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Im completely lost since you seem to be contrasting in your points.

This is referring you believed the OP’s system be gambling (correct me if im wrong)

Yet the OP stated

Which then contrasts your point of

Im just lost in what we are even trying to dispute here, since Ive lost any clue in what point your trying to convey and also forgot how any of this relates to slot machines xD

Anyways sorry for being unclear in anything I said and I bid you a good day.

What is the prize ROBUX? If so then this wouldn’t be allowed otherwise you could call it a Gamepass?

The prize is no where stated to be robux therefor its safe to assume its not.
Its pretty obvious and indisputable the prize is against TOS if it is robux.