Developer Products API

So i was creating Developer products via code and I used this API :!/DeveloperProducts/post_v1_universes_universeId_developerproducts . The API works fine with creating the product , but however the API returns these datas.image ,
Here the ID is given as 8741794 and ShopId as 2600314945 .
However the real ID is : image

So i think that this is a bug if its not can some please tell what the “id” and “shopId” here is and how to obtain the real Id ?

The ID returned from the API is the developer product ID, the shopId is a shop id, very similar to universe IDs, but useless. Right now, there is currently no way to get a product ID from a developer product ID (unless you search all pages of{placeId}&page={page} and match the developer product ID with the product ID).

The website shows the actual product ID of the developer product (see here)

For any onlookers, has been deprecated, use for getting a list of universe’s developer products and for getting developer product by developer product ID not product ID.


Yes I was planning to do that , I was just confused what the Id given there was thank you for your time :smiley: