Developer Products cannot be put on-sale using the website

So I spent the last 2 hours or so trying to figure out why some of my new Developer Products were listed as “off-sale” whenever I went to test the prompt purchases. I figured out it had something to do with the website failing to change the IsForSale bool:

Changing the information of a Developer Product on the website actuallys changes the data (name, description, price) but it will not put a product on-sale if it wasn’t already:

Fortunately, there is the monetization tab in the “game settings” studio that does work and all I had to do was set the prices again and boom, the products were on-sale! I’m guessing this is the cause of a discrepancy between how products are handled on the website and the new settings menu (since you cannot take a product off-sale in the settings menu):


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I’m having this exact same problem, your solution did work to fix it. It would be nice if Roblox looked into this.

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Hello! Can you please try re-creating the affected Dev Products now?

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Sorry for the delayed response,

This issue still seems to be in the same state as when I reported it. I changed a dev product to be “off-sale” on the website then changed the price of that same dev product immediately after. Attempting to PromptProductPurchase it, it still said “This product is not for sale…”. Changing the price in the studio monetization game settings page fixed it as reported above.

In relation to configuring dev products on website, there is a small bug where the updates or creation towards new products do not show on the page immediately. For example, if I was to currently create a dev product, I wouldn’t be able to see it on the list of all dev products. Instead, I would have to exit the page and return to the page of all dev products to be able to view the new dev product.