Developer Spotlight: Meet BlockfaceSteve

@BlockfaceSteve has been on the Roblox platform since 2010 and just celebrated his 8 years Roblox. You might’ve seen him around as a member of Block Evolution Studios, a game studio he runs with @Blockfacebob, both of whom are also Roblox Champions. Block Evolution studio is known for Heists, Zoo Tycoon, Vet Simulator and Jurassic Tycoon.

We took some time to chat with BlockfaceSteve about his time on Roblox; what inspires him, what he loves about Roblox and more. Check out what BlockfaceSteve told us:

What caused you to start developing? How do you hope to see your development career grow from here?

Developing for me started as a technical interest, I’ve always enjoyed engineering and the opportunity to develop my programming skills in a fun and intuitive way was a big attraction. Moving into full-time development was a big jump but Roblox provides a great ecosystem for growing and developing a startup business. Roblox allows me to develop and leverage my Business and Technical knowledge to their full extent.

I’m looking forward to hiring more full-time developers to work at Block Evolution Studios . We love full-time Roblox development and can’t wait to share that experience with as many other people as possible.

You’ve been in the community for just over 8 years now. After all this time in the community, what keeps you coming back?

The best part of the Roblox developer community is the support and inspiration that everyone gives without limits. In other industries you see competitors fighting against each other to survive; Roblox is different. Every developer works towards this common goal of helping make the platform the best it can be. The more users on the platform, the more our studios can grow. It’s the team effort and willingness to help each other on the Dev Forum and Twitter that really makes this the best platform to develop on. There were so many developers who helped me out or mentored me in my early development days. I’ve got so many choices, its difficult to narrow down but I’d love to give a shout out @RickyTheFishy for being a great companion while talking on the Marketing Panel at RDC 2018. In addition, @alvinbloxx has provided some great insight into some of the more complex parts of developing with his youtube channel tutorials.

This support and inspiration makes it easy to work with others on the platform! I highly recommend bringing friends and other developers along with you when you start out. They can help you stay motivated and enjoy the fun of creating amazing games. All of the success Block Evolution has had wouldn’t have been possible if we all worked alone.

What would you say Roblox has done for you and your career, or your life?

Roblox has massively impacted my life in so many positive ways. Id originally set out on an academic pursuit for a career in engineering. However, since developing for Roblox, I’ve been able to form a fully functioning business with BlockFaceBob. The company has grown from strength to strength allowing us to move into our own office, work full-time and even begin looking to expand our team with more full-time developers.

Can we get a sneak peek of what you’re working on now? What should we expect from BlockEvolution Studios in the near future?

We’re working on Heists V2, an epic continuation of our release, Heists. We hope to address lots of the issues experienced with the original and bring forward some new concepts and mechanics that we’ve been working on for a couple of months now!


That’s all from BlockfaceSteve! Be sure to keep an eye on his Roblox profile, Twitter and Block Evolution’s Twitter and group page to stay updated on coming content.


Look at that nice build.

I haven’t heard much about BlockfaceSteve, but this spotlight’s certainly drawing my attention towards him and his craft now. Well done.


Thanks @new_storm for being awesome and putting this together! Really appreciate the opportunity to share my story. :smiley:


@BlockFaceSteve is great to work with. If he hits you up and asks you to join the team for anything, definitely do it!


Glad to have been part of the panel with you @BlockFaceSteve! :sweat_smile: