Developer Spotlight: Meet Cowbear16 (And Catch Him At RDC 2018)


@cowbear16 has been on the Roblox platform for 10 years, and he’s one of the featured speakers at Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) 2018 in San Francisco! He’ll be discussing ways to make money on Roblox, and how to build your experience on Roblox into a business.

Cowbear16 has been creative with his work on Roblox: back in 2008, cowbear16 joined Roblox and learned Lua. He then was able to work with different developers, such as @alexnewtron and @polarpanda16 to create games and even iPhone apps. He and his brother (polarpanda16) continue to work together today to re-launch Flooptopia! Flooptopia will return with a special feature: it’ll be the first game on Roblox to have a mobile companion app:

Cowbear16’s use of the Roblox platform didn’t stop there: he used what he learned on the Roblox platform to teach others. Cowbear16 has authored two books about coding in Lua: Basic Roblox Lua Programming and Intermediate Roblox Programming.

Cowbear16’s advice to anyone looking to start developing on Roblox? “Balance dreaming big without putting all of your eggs in one basket. Roblox has evolved into an amazing platform for developer opportunity: tap into it and enjoy the ride.”

Want to hear more from Cowbear16? Be sure to attend his RDC 2018 presentation on Saturday, July 14th, or follow him on Twitter! Check the schedule for more details.


Glad to see him working hard and it paying off, I’m trying to understand if his app is linked to roblox or if he made his own entire game engine and moved his game to mobile?

An explanation would be appreciated, thanks!


Yeah, I’m with Headless on this one.

Not that this is what has happened but from first glance, it looks like a user has ripped off the Roblox platform and Meepcity and is then being promoted by said company because of it.

Please enlighten me as to the situation.


I didn’t think we were allowed to make mobile apps / companions for our games. Could we get a more official confirmation on whether this is allowed?


Seeing that the game being featured here by ROBLOX comes with a mobile companion app, and that is mentioned in the review, I would assume that it’s allowed.


My best guess is if it’s linked up to some sort of external database then it’ll be allowed since Roblox allows HTTP requests.


I can write a post up on how I implemented things if you’re truly interested (DM me). Took a lot of hard work but it feels like a really cool experience! The app is a “companion app” so you don’t actually play the game within our app - you use it for social engagement:

Players can talk with friends from different servers using a global chat system while fishing in the hub or dance the night away at Club LaBlox. They can also earn coins by fishing, visiting the carnival and playing various mini-games. With these coins, players can unlock cool new items like clothing accessories to customize their character. They can also buy furniture pieces to design their own room and share it with others; the possibilities are endless!

Using this app players can safely chat with friends who are in-game, explore the catalog and more!

Most of the data exists in DataStores, only our player room system exists in an external Database.

In a nutshell, I use a combination of:


Do you offer any rewards for people using your mobile app?

It would be super cool to see things like quick teleport to your friends using the app and all that. Great work though.


Mhm, you get a special hat for your in-game character and coins from fishing in the app daily.