Developer Spotlight: Meet Crazyman32

If you’ve ever played Ro-Port tycoon, Aerotopia, or checked out Roblox tags on Twitter, you likely have come across @Crazyman32.

Crazyman32 has been on Roblox for 10 years, and some would say he’s shown his mastery of different disciplines in his games, tweets and videos. However, Crazyman32 had to start somewhere. This developer refers to Stealth Pilot’s plane: “It was so cool to jump into a plane and fly around. I thought, “I want to know how that works.” So I took a copy of the model and started looking at the scripts. Not long after, I was trying to program my own planes, which kept leading me to learn more and more about programming, and resulted in me wanting to create actual games.”

Since joining Roblox, Crazyman32 has fallen in love with how involved all of the developers have become with each other. The collaboration that he sees on the Developer Forum and on games is his favorite part of the community. “People collaborate, ask for help, share tips, and give feedback to each other. There’s no negative competition, and people generally respect one another,” he pointed out. Crazyman32 went on to tell us about the developers that mentored him when he got started, listing off "@Anaminus, xLEGOx (now @Stravant), @Blobbyblob, @Merely and many more.

Now, if you’ve ever been curious what you can do with the skills you learn on Roblox, consider Crazyman32’s story as a case study. Crazyman32 learned how to program on Roblox, which ultimately landed him an internship as a developer when he was a Junior in high school. Since this internship, he has begun work as a full-time software engineer. Crazyman32 discusses his history on Roblox further in a video he recently published to his Youtube channel here: Why I Chose Roblox Over Unity - YouTube

Crazyman32 left us with some advice: “Enjoy your work; don’t compare yourself to the “top developers”. Embrace failure-it’s an opportunity to learn. Don’t hesitate to ask questions-game development is hard work. Try to learn new things (e.g. learn how to use the DataStoreService). Treat your players nicely; they are incredibly important! Set long-term visions and short-term goals.” Crazyman32 hopes to begin to mentor young developers on the platform- reach out to him if you need more advice or help!


Looking for more on Crazyman32? Check out his Roblox or Twitter page to keep up to date on Aerotopia, Ro-port Tycoon or even the code he’s working on in Studio.


Great guy! I started talking to @Crazyman32 about 8 years ago, it looks like. He was always a huge inspiration to me, and answered tons & tons of questions I had about programming when I was beginning to learn.

Just checked my PMs: I sent him this message back in January of 2010, when I was 10 years old, after being fascinated by his planes. No regrets :slight_smile:

I think it’s so cool that we’re both still on the platform, along with many other friends I made back then.


Great guy, a Roblox legend, pioneer of Roblox aviation :slight_smile: Excited to see his future projects!


I always loved when people had questions because they were the same question I had to seek out too.

Also I find it hilarious that it was “EXTREMELY complicated” to figure out the mouse position ratio from the center of the screen lol. We’ve come quite far since then.


It was really hard to learn how to script back before the wiki. I remember spending hours looking over your plane tool script trying to figure out why yours worked better than mine so that I could incorporate the changes into Wingz World IV.


CM32 is a great man and an absolute treasure to this community. If you don’t know him or haven’t seen his stuff, I highly recommend you change that today :slight_smile:


Ro-Port Tycoon was one of my first experiences on Roblox. Been following you ever since. I quite honestly think Ro-Port and other aviation games turned me onto aviation to this day. Can’t wait to complete my private this summer!

Amazing story & amazing career. Living the dream! Still won’t ever like Ohio but I guess you’re one of the good ones to come out of there :wink:


Oho, I’m surprised this spotlight didn’t happen sooner. I have nothing to say aside from what’s already been said: a great, helpful guy who’s developed a lot and made a significant mark in the community. I look forward to seeing more from him.


A gentleman, a scholar, and a real g. I don’t know how many times I pored over that damn plane tool back in those early days :slight_smile:

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He’s honestly one of the coolest developers out there. I specifically remember asking a few questions back when I was learning how to script and he managed to assist my poorly worded questions every time! I look forward to seeing more amazing things from him in the future :slight_smile:

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Being around since 2014, I can definitely attest to how much Crazyman deserves this spotlight. He was one of the bigger contributing factors that got me from where I was back then to where I am now. In fact, his “Aero” Framework is what really kickstarted my knowledge of frameworks and creating massive, unified codebases. Because of this I now have a fullblown game in the works.

He’s always been an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work @Crazyman32! :slight_smile:
Oh, and his datastore plugin is a godsend.


I played Freeflight everyday when it was popular (When was that even? 2013?).

I would be a kamikaze and fly my plane into people’s helicopters. Fun game.


I also have a similar experience but it’s too embarrassing to share. :sweat_smile: He also inspired me greatly back then.


AHHH I forgot about that one! Same, was on it just about every single day!


So that was you!?

I can relate, some of my fondest memories of my early days in Roblox were all Crazyman’s doing. We were certainly late on this well deserved spotlight.



Well deserved.

I remember several years ago I asked for help on a very simple plane-related scripting issue when the forums were still a thing and he actually responded. The child in me was like WOT. That was when I literally just started scripting and had no idea what to do.

Oh how far we have come.


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