Developer Spotlight: Meet EvilArtist

This week’s spotlight is on an illustrator you all know and love: @EvilArtist! We had a chance to chat with EvilArtist about her time on Roblox and some of the inspiration behind her latest game, Bittersweet (shipped with @Myzta). Here’s what EvilArtist told us:


What lead you to start developing on Roblox?
I always thought about making my own little games, but I always thought that I’d have to know how to script to be able to do so. The idea of being in charge of what I wanted a game to look like didn’t really come to mind. It wasn’t until one of those “What do you want to be when you grow up?” questions came up in Middle School: I realized that “[Game] Art Directors” were, like, a real thing people can be. Since then, I have always wanted to put my own touches on a Roblox game, and over the past year I’ve been able to do so!

What do you like most about the Roblox developer community?
Everyone has such a different creative mind. It may seem outlandish, but it’s very realistic to think that a lot of people who started out on Roblox will be making the AAA games of tomorrow. I’ve seen so many ideas brought up by people who don’t know what to do with them and just start learning how it all works. The Roblox community is definitely very determined, helpful, and very supportive of what they see. I don’t know where I’d be now without the love they’ve given me.

Tell us about your new game, Bittersweet. What was the inspiration behind this game?
Bittersweet was a game initially thought up by @Myzta. The inspiration behind the theme was really about digging into her childhood vision of candyland and robots. I jumped aboard and we brought the idea to life in the form of a MOBA with various original characters, bright maps, and vibrant UI. We both had a knack for colorful things with a hint of bitterness and it just worked. We made this together as our Accelerator project at Roblox.

What are your future plans? New games?
As I make my way into college, I don’t know how much time I’ll have to make something completely new. Regardless, I’ll still be available to make things for other people and their games! I love to contribute to things and bring games to a whole new level with art and designs. Bittersweet will definitely be getting more love too with new characters, mounts, skins and more.

What advice do you have for developers who are just starting out?
Fill :clap: Up :clap: That :clap: Portfolio!! Everything you make doesn’t have to end up being for something greater! Make yourself small, fun projects. If you’re specifically looking to contribute to bigger things, you have a higher chance of getting that job by just having a big portfolio that someone can look through. Plus, it will help you in the long run. This gives you experience for when you’re confident enough to make a whole game and hire your own developers. No matter what kind of dev work you do, especially with a platform as visual as Roblox, a book of your projects to refer to keeps you motivated to one-up yourself every time.


Thanks to @EvilArtist for taking the time to chat with us! Check out her latest game and follow her on Roblox or Twitter to see what else she’s working on!


I really like reading the new developer spotlight to see other artist or developers accomplished there work and do get there art out there to the public.Nice to meet you EvilArtist!!


Great to see some exposure on a wider range in game development.
EvilArtist makes some great art and really deserves some more attention.


Huh, I thought EvilArtist was already featured before. Seems like an overdue spotlight, to be frank. EvilArtist’s work is outstanding and the advice offered is of great help.

Congratulations on the spotlight.


Fun Fact: Her entry in the Roblox Encyclopaedia literally has this tagline which is my favourite:
“Creative Community member with a username that’s only half true”


Thank u for reminding me


EvilArtist is really a greatest artist I’ve seen on ROBLOX platform. I am really amazed by her work and I like it so much! I like her style, but I have no clue why is she called EvilArtist, I bet she is really nice and I would like to meet her in RDC this or next year! :wave: :grinning:


Finally! EvilArtist truly is one of the greatest artists on roblox and deserved this spotlight!


Super cool stuff. Love how diverse the talent pool is on our site.


yeah, they’re obviously evil, cuz they sure ain’t an artist. (/s)

In all seriousness, your style is neat @EvilArtist.


EvilArtist is super talented and I love her work. She an inspiration of mine and she finally got her spotlight! Wooo!


Woah, you can sketch and render?

A true legend in the GFX Community


Very Nice.


Glad to see EvilArtist with a spotlight. She deserves the praise!


Very impressive! I would really appreciate if you could answer my dm on twitter regarding a commission I would like to order.


Excellent! EvilArtist surely deserves this spotlight here.

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Love some of her stuff with Vesteria, looks great.


Great looking buttons! Reminds me of Maplestory.


Great art, really impressive.


:clap: She’s very good at art. I wanna meet her at ROBLOX someday.

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