Developer Spotlight: Meet GrottyPuff

It’s hard to miss @GrottyPuff on the Roblox platform.

Back in 2010, GrottyPuff found her way onto Roblox when she began drawing clothing. At the time, GrottyPuff only dabbled in traditional art, so clothing designs seemed like a great opportunity to expand her artwork into a new outlet. Eventually, GrottyPuff opened Studio and tried building. She now references Studio as her favorite creative outlet!

Throughout her 8 years on Roblox, GrottyPuff has met many other developers that inspire her daily. She mentions @Beeism, @Mimi_Dev and @DieSoft, but she also discussed meeting some of her closest friends on the platform and references the community as her favorite part of being on Roblox! GrottyPuff told us, “There’s so many developers in the community now. It’s really fun to just keep meeting new people that share similar passions and inspiring each other as we work on our own projects.” When you spend 80% of your time developing and interacting with your fans, you’re bound to meet some cool people!

What is GrottyPuff up to these days? GrottyPuff is working on a few projects including two horror games; one that released on Halloween, and another surprise game! She is enjoying learning new things as she works on her projects, like learning more about coding, building and making more well-rounded games.

If you’re curious what mantra GrottyPuff uses to guide her developing, she clued us in and gave us a little advice: “Create things you enjoy. If you feel a project isn’t working out or it isn’t fun for you, try something else. Branch out! Don’t restrict yourself to one style or theme!”

If you’re interested in following GrottyPuff’s progress and games, check out her Roblox profile or Twitter page!


It looks like a never-ending October carnival up in here.

Good job on the spotlight and well wishes towards your future projects.


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