Developer Spotlight: Meet the Developers Behind the Featured Games (November 2018)

Screenshot from Strucid

We’re getting close to the winter holidays, which means a themed Featured games list is near! We have some awesome games queued up to play before the winter sort, and we had a chance to talk to the developers who worked on the games that are up currently. Check out the developer profiles below to find out what inspired them to make the games, what they offer as advice and what they’re working on for the future:


@Hyperant; Naval 1918

“Just do it, even if it is hard.”

Inspiration: Hyperant told us that his inspiration comes from Naval warfare, and the lack of naval war games on Roblox. He was particularly drawn to the idea of the Great War, feeling particularly drawn to the massive guns and the draw of charging into battle and taking on larger armadas than your own.

Advice: “Patience and persistence, lots of it. It WILL take several tries and months in order for your game to become featured. Don’t give up if you weren’t selected the first time.”

What He’s Working on Now: Hyperant is also working on a game called Neo-Warfare X and a sequel to his game that will take place during WW2. He told us a little about Neo-Warfare X: "[Neo-Warfare X] is a miniature open world military roleplay game where one can command ships, aircraft and ground vehicles.

Updates: You can follow him on Roblox for updates on his games!


@PhoenixSigns; Strucid

“I would define myself as responsive to the desires of my fans because they are the ones making all of this possible. You lose them, you lose your game.”

Inspiration: When we asked him about his inspiration for Strucid, PhoenixSigns told us about his love for Fortnite shooting mechanics. He took the opportunity to re-create these mechanics on Roblox and, after seeing how well the mechanics worked, he chose to turn it into a full game.

Pre-Featuring Promotions: PhoenixSigns recalled that a few weeks ago, a few notable Youtubers discovered his game and began streaming and recording videos about Strucid. He also dropped a 250K sponsor a few weeks back, which significantly impacted his game by bringing player count to around 3,000. PhoenixSigns says that, from there, his game continued to rapidly gain popularity without further sponsorship.

What He’s Working on Now: PhoenixSigns is completely focused on Strucid for the time being.

Updates: You can follow him on Twitter or Roblox for updates on Strucid!


@Nitefal; The Labyrinth

“True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.”

Inspiration: Nitefal told us the story behind the Labyrinth: “The first version of the game was originally made by Puckmonster on Revolution Games. A while after that Puckmonster and I became real life friends in which we decided to remake the game and start fresh on a new group. After a long time of thinking and planning, we started to remake the game from scratch.”

Advice: Nitefal’s advice for developers looking to get their games Featured is to make sure you meet all of the requirements before applying; it makes it easier to progress through the Featured games process! He also mentions the importance of having a tutorial for your game.

What He’s Working on Now: Nitefal is currently working on Disaster Island and a few other side projects.

Updates: You can follow Nitefal on Twitter or Roblox for updates on the Labryinth and his other games.


@AhsanVII; Acceleration Rush

“A curious explorer.”

Inspiration: AhsanVII cites the Roblox community as being the inspiration for him to build his game; the success stories that he’s seen on the platform, and the games that he’s played, encouraged him to try developing and ultimately building the game that you can play today!

Advice: AhsanVII has one piece of advice: don’t give up! Even if you don’t get thousands of players on the first day of release, keep working hard, try to apply to be featured, and don’t lose hope.

What He’s Working on Now: AhsanVII is working on a business tycoon game where players can run a manufacturing business from start to end (order materials, craft and sell them).

Updates: You can follow AhsanVII on Twitter or Roblox to keep up with his games.


@Kevo1ution; Block Battle

Inspiration: When we asked Kevo1ution about what inspired him to make Block Battle, he told us; “I wanted a game that integrated building and fighting at the same time. I came across games like Doomspire Brickbattle and I really liked the idea and simplicity of trying to defeat each other’s towers.”

Advice: Kevo1ution gave us one piece of advice; don’t be discouraged if your game fails at the beginning! He shared a short anecdote: “Honestly, most of my games have failed, and there is so much I learned from those experiences.”

What He’s Working on Now: Kevo1ution is currently focused on Block Battle, but recently started working on a new side project- stay tuned for details.

Updates: You can follow Kevo1ution on Twitter or Roblox to keep up with his games!


@CodeSleepRepeat; ObbyRush

“I’m rather creative and I try to stay simplistic (or just use below lol) Code. Sleep. Repeat.”

Inspiration: CodeSleepRepeat found motivation from you- the community! He told us, “after attending RDC US '18, I was motivated more than ever to get another game out- I wanted to stick with a simple concept that people enjoyed which was obby games. I wanted to make an obby with a twist. From there, Obby Rush was born.”

Advice: One piece of advice came to mind for CodeSleepRepeat: “My advice would be to continue moving forward even if something doesn’t pan out how you’d like it to. If you stop, you’re just guaranteeing you won’t get further.”

What He’s Working on Now: CodeSleepRepeat is currently working on a town and city roleplay game! Check out his profiles below to keep an eye on the updates.

Updates: You can stay up to date on CodeSleepRepeat’s work on his Twitter or Roblox profiles!


@Stratiz; Dedoxed

“Passionately addicted.”

Inspiration: Stratiz found inspiration from playing other hit games, such as Dead by Daylight and Watchdogs 2. He wanted to build on these games and add his own ideas. From this, Dedoxed was born!

Advice: “Don’t be scared to take a chance by applying to the Featured games program,” Stratiz said. “Also, before you apply, try to make sure your game has minimal bugs. No one wants to join a broken game.”

What He’s Working on Now: Stratiz is currently working on two other projects; one that is yet to be named but focuses on Rthro characters, and another called ‘Strive’, a real-time strategy game and tycoon!

Updates: Check out Stratiz’s Twitter and Roblox profiles to stay up to date with Dedoxed.


@nojustEthan; Dog Simulator

“A creative mind never sleeps” or better said as “I have insomnia and there’s a bug on line 46 I can’t figure out.”

Inspiration: Dog Simulator dev, nojustEthan, found inspiration off of the Roblox platform! He told us how he decided to make Dog Simulator; “I bought a dog model off of twitter, didn’t really have anything in mind on what to make with it. The first rendition of the game was just a playground. Finally, I decided to make a simulator with it since that’s the only thing I could think of on what I could do with it.”

Advice: “If you’re interested in getting featured, just ask. If your game is unique and works well, you will likely get selected!”

What He’s Working on Now: nojustEthan gave us one small hint about his current projects: “I’m working on a game with big swords.”

Updates: Follow nojustEthan on Twitter and Roblox for updates on his game!


@coolbulls; Dragon Simulator

Inspiration: Before developing Dragon Simulator, coolbulls found inspiration from another Roblox game- Bee Swarm Simulator by @Onett. “Bee Swarm Simulator was the main inspiration for Dragon Simulator,” coolbulls explained. “I really liked the pet raising aspect of the game and planned to make a game similar to it back in April. It took me until August to actually start working on it though.”

Advice: “Advertise and get people to playtest the game beforehand,” coolbulls said. “Fix all the bugs and adjust the game based on that feedback. Being on Featured should not be the first time anyone plays the game.”

What He’s Working on Now: coolbulls is only focused on Dragon Simulator at the moment!

Updates: Be sure to check out coolbulls Twitter and Roblox profile for game updates!

Be sure to head over to the Games page to try out the featured games, or find the current list here.


Very nice! Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations to all!


@CodeSleepRepeat Pshh, who needs sleep? Non-stop coding is the way to go.

(Good job, everyone.)


Honestly pretty neat seeing some of the friendos getting featured. @CodeSleepRepeat @nojustEthan @Stratiz

Congrats guys. :slight_smile:


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