Developer Spotlight: The Developers Behind the Featured Games (September 2018)

If you haven’t heard already, we have a public schedule available for you to view and keep up with the Featured Games rotation.

We have some awesome, fun games that are currently on your featured sort. We had a chance to chat with the developers of this week’s Featured list about the work they put into their Featured games, what their experience with the featured games program was like, and what else they’re working on. Check it out:

What inspired you to make your game?

Some developers, like gdunn2 and RitchUK, decided to make a game for fun, and ended up with the games you see featured today. Others, like Block Evolution Studios, took some of the themes they’ve seen success with, such as the animal theme in Zoo Tycoon, and used it to try and fill a gap in the market that they’ve identified: mobile games for children.

TheAmazeman had a particularly unique story about how he found inspiration to make Roblox Titanic: “Roblox Titanic’s first version was created in 2009. At its core, the game has always been a simulation of the famous ship sinking, in a multiplayer environment. I had been to a Titanic museum in Branson, Missouri the summer of 2009 before developing it. I was interested in the Titanic before I knew about Roblox, but visiting that museum reignited the passion and I then created a simulation of it in Roblox and beat the sinking ship competition by having the best cracking physics. I have been refining my skills at Roblox game development ever since, and the game has improved dramatically. In 2015, I teamed up with the talented and determined builders Inyo22 and Mistertitanic44 where we released “Roblox Titanic 1.0”. Everything before that is considered the beta. “Roblox Titanic 2.0” which is the current version, was a fix for everything we got wrong in the 1.0 version, mainly scale and lag issues. We continue to work on the game as a highly specialized team. Our interest in the project continues as we want new generations to be interested in Titanic, but also in history in general, and we strongly believe that video games can be a huge driver for educational content.”

What Roblox features did you add to your game to make it better?

We wanted to know what features these developers added to their game to improve the experience of players. There’s a wide variety of features that Roblox developers utilize, but we wanted to know which one or two features stood out from the rest. Here’s what they said:

For Block Evolution Studios, they referenced Streaming Enabled, saying “We used this extensively to ensure our game runs well on all device types, we even went out and purchased a couple of second hand tablets to test the game on while we developed it.” This studio also referenced their efforts to localize their games: “We worked hard to ensure Vet Simulator was accessible to everyone and that includes translating the game into Spanish. We reached out to a Spanish translator to ensure that player experience is great for all users.”

UndoneBuilder referenced the Roblox Universe feature, and gdunn2 and RitchUK both mention changes to how the collisions work in their game. TheAmazeman references ropes, beams, particle effects, meshes, and much more.

TheAmazeman also referenced some of the updates that he and his team were able to make to the ship in Roblox Titanic. Check out the before and after pics here:



Are you working on any other games at the moment?

Almost all of the featured games developers are working on something new! Block Evolution Studios is working on a second version of their game, “Heists!” and gdunn2 is working on DIY Derby. UndoneBuilder has a few different games, from political parody games to a real time strategy game. RitchUK wasn’t ready to tell us the names of his upcoming games yet, and TheAmazeman is working on a game called “Comedy Club”.

Be sure to keep an eye out for their coming games, and check out the current list of Featured games below:

  1. @BlockFaceSteve @Blockfacebob @Blockfacebomb Vet Simulator
  2. @gdunn2 Color Craze


  1. Vet Simulator
  2. @RitchUK Brawl of Champions
  3. @UndoneBuilder Towers
  4. Color Craze


  1. @i_eetANts AIRSOFT
  2. @JustDevv Wanted
  3. Vet Simulator
  4. @TheAmazeman Roblox Titanic
  5. Towers

Was a lot of fun to work with the BlockFace guys on Vet Sim. :heart: :tiger:
Really cool seeing my work in an extremely popular game. Great opportunity.


WOOHOO, good job Vet Sim!

VVG with Roblox Titanic has also put out a tremendous effort to localize our game and the update went live earlier today. It’s currently in Spanish, I think about 97% of the text is in Spanish, there are a few spots missed because it is so incredibly challenging to get the text capture to pick up every single text ever in the game when certain text is scripted, and only for specific scenarios!


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