Developer Stats are very inaccurate during the day

Reproduction Steps

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  • Platform Type: PC
  • Device Type: Computer

To reproduce this issue, change the developer stats filter to “day”. For all of the different data graphs, look at the current day. Write down the information that you see. Come back a few minutes later and do the same thing.

Expected Behavior
The data for the current day should be 100% up to date with no conflicting data.

Actual Behavior
You will see that the total visits do not match the visits by age, and how the Robux graphs also don’t match.

If you come back and do the exact same thing a few minutes later, you sometimes see that the total visits/robux earned is less than what it was when you checked it before.

This makes it extremely hard for the developers on my game to make short-term decisions because the data is not reliable.

The following 2 images were taken at the same time


Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-10-11 00:10:00 (-03:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-10-27 00:10:00 (-03:00)


This is still a major issue. If I toggle between hour and day, it is dramatically different nearly every single attempt. Sometimes the average play time is more than 300 (when the moment before it was 20, and returns to that after), sometimes the robux goes from several thousand to a mere hundred, sometimes the visits are less than 5% of what they should be, but nearly every time something is wrong.

This is unacceptable, and as mentioned in the OP, it is impossible to make short term assumptions or decisions based on any of this information. This needs to be fixed, otherwise the Developer Stats have no purpose (if you can’t trust the information provided, it shouldn’t be provided at all).
in this example, the play time changes dramatically
moments later, the visits dropped to under 10

Edit: Btw, I use google chrome. I don’t think computer specs are relevant to the issue so I won’t provide those. Please take the time to fix this problem, thanks.


I’m going to look to close this out since we’re looking to retire Developer Stats with other features.

  1. The Analytics > Developer Stats > Developer Product Sales has been deprecated with a better solution from our monetization team

  1. Analytics > Developer Stats > Visits is being replaced by Real-Time > Performance

(Easier to go through via Creator Dashbaord)

I did some spot checks on the data between Visits and Visits By Age and the Total data was matching between the 2 charts. I checked the the new page on the Creator Dashboard, the “old” page not on the Creator Dashboard isn’t being maintained and will be retired soon.