Developer stats doesn't load fully all of the time

This issue has been happening for as long as I can remember, but I’ve come across it consistently in one of my places. I have a group game that holds some gamepasses I sell. It was working fine until a month ago when I setup a place for it that got a few visits every day. I shut the place down and now my stats refuse to load accurately most of the time. They will load the days where I had visits, and if I want anything since, I have to reload the page multiple times and wait several minutes.
Like so:


In other places the issue was similar, it would miss sections of time:

The former is the really annoying one, as I track my income every day while the second is just missing hourly records, but both I feel are bugs, and the last one has for sure existed for years now.


Still a problem. Someone somehow got into a place in my universe they werent supposed to and now the data before and after that single visit day refuse to load

As a result I dont know how much this place is earning.

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Still a problem. I’m pretty sure some guy is trolling me because I get a single visit every month for a hidden game, but the thing is still broken on roblox’s end:

Please fix or acknowledge this issue, roblox

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It’s still happening.

I still have to refresh, wasting my time 2-10 minutes until the full stats load. If I refresh and come back to it later on in the day, it even is liable of not working, so I have to hang around until it finally loads.

The kicker? I just disabled player entry into this invisible game, and it caused my whole game to not allow any players in. So I’m not even allowed to prevent this bug from happening