Developer stats not correct showing!

Sorry, please Roblox staff if it’s consider as a bug or not, I simply don’t have access to bug reports.

So basically, that the numbers of hourly players as always show me 39–50 players hourly (it’s been for a week, even after sponsoring the game for 3500 robux). But the thing that Premium Visits page showing me much more total visits than yesterday. So the main question, how does it work? I have the same amount of historical data-hourly 39–50 players by hour, but in Premium Visits page it showing that my game rising up with visits per day! Please, let me know if that a bug or something?

Also developer stats by hour doesn’t fit my real timezone

(it’s not 23:59 pm yet, by the logic I would have 1,276 visits as I did in 17th august)

Try to re-login to your account or log in with vpn, it sometimes helped me

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@Bug-Support. Sounds like you didn’t read the bug reports “how to post a bug report”.

If I’m reading this correctly, it is caused by the players buying Premium and are already an existing user of the game.

via what country i should log in?