DeveloperForum App?

Hello everyone! Let me give you a scenario before I start

“You come home from a long day of work, and you sit down at your couch and suddenly wonder if anyone answered your post on the DeveloperForum. You take out your phone to check, but you realize there is no app for it. So you have to walk all the way upstairs and turn on your pc just for about 5 minutes of reading. I ask you, is this worth it? In my opinion no.”

This idea for a DevForum app is mainly for lazy people like me, or just want to check on your post or waste time while waiting for a bus or something (I find myself on the DevForum about an hour each day, it’s very time consuming) The only way to find it on your phone is to look it up in safari or google or a search engine, but that isn’t exactly a good method. Do you agree with me or do you not? Leave your thoughts in the replies.

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There’s already an app about it. Stop making these kinds of topics. It’s been covered a lot.


Just download discourse on mobile and search DevForum.

  2. add to home screen
  3. profit


You know you can just visit the website on mobile?? Discourse forums (devforum included) are extremely mobile friendly.

Alternatively, just create the home screen button like csqrl said. Creating an app for the forum is a lot of unnecessary work.