Developers able to choose which Filtered Devices allowed to play after update

As a Roblox developer, running a game where several mobile devices crash from the game is potentially difficult on our game’s ratings, which I speculate is a major pain point for a player who wants to play but can’t.

Here we see all the filtered devices, a few days after an update publish. Publishing over a game currently wipes all filtered devices and allows them to try playing again.

Please note the following red text* is entirely speculation, my theory is that my game upon an update, gains a lot of hate from mobile devices who cannot play it, and until we do a major change to the map itself, I do not anticipate them being able to play it.

Therefore a developer pain point is having to deal with this every time they wish to update.

My theory may be easier to infer from larger trends. Even if you do not agree with my theory, the pain point still stands, that I know some devices can’t handle the game, why put them through the struggle until I know the game is ready for it?

The feature request is to allow developers to checkmark devices which they do not want to be able to play it no matter how many times they update the game. It may be unchecked at anytime for any future publish.