Developers need reliable DataStores. What we have now is not acceptable



Please to not spread misinformation. Prior to this incident (starting mid December), all data loss reports we received ended up being due to developers misusing data stores.


  • Returning ProductPurchaseDecision.PurchaseGranted before record of the purchase was successfully saved to data stores
  • Overwriting player data without checking that data had properly loaded

That is not to say that data stores are fine. We know there is a ton of room for improvement. I just want to be clear that data stores data loss is not something we have previously had problems with. We are still actively investigating this latest issue and trying to determine a root cause. If you have specific information that can help us narrow down the issue, please let us know.


When a player leaves the game and multiple attempts to save their file to DataStore fail, they can and very frequently do lose the last few minutes (or more) of their save file.

Spikes in DataStore failures and partial outages have been a problem for a long time. This incident was particularly nasty because it was total data loss, but partial loss occurs very frequently, and there is only so much developers can do to prevent it when requests start failing left right and center.


I get that is is hard to track down what is causing these issues. But when you have so many devs recording fail rates from DataStores, and you have devs of top games like Welcome to Bloxburg and Royale High voicing their concerns about overall reliability, it is incredibly frustrating that this longstanding issue is being met with resistance and deflection.


Didn’t change anything about my code and sometime last night when I was asleep players started losing all their data in mass. This is rather unfortunate.

At this point it’s looking more necessary to use a third party database. With bugs like these, given the current DataStore system it’s too difficult to keep backups (with a bug like this it’s not reliable) or issue rollbacks. It’s great that Roblox offers a service like this for free and it’s mostly been reliable in the past for me, but I’ve always felt a lack of control with DataStores.


I feel like with the growth of Roblox’s playerbase, it’s time they look into upgrading DataStores & increasing the DataStore limits, rather than keep us on something that may or may not have been around back in 2012 / 2013, when the playerbase was arguably much smaller. Force-stopping a few kilobytes of data seems like artificial hindrance to me.


I have reached floor 3 or 4 on SB2. If you want a tester for anything let me know.

Last time I played SB2 was around 2 weeks ago. Had all my data as expected.

EDIT - didn’t realise the last post was 15days so, my bad.