Developers needed. ( Long term, backup plan included) (CLOSED)



Hello, my name is Yeita and I am currently recruiting a team of developers for a new project.

My post last night didn’t include some of the major things it should have, and I got some feedback that I really want to take into consideration with this post. So, please read this thoroughly to understand what I am aiming for here.

I am a first time leader of a developer group, I have worked for other development teams before but have never lead my own. Please keep that in mind.

Game Details

At minimum, there is 3 players. 2 of those players would be hiders, and 1 would be the seeker. The seekers job is to find the 2 (hypothetical) hiders and take them out. Though, the 2nd/last hider gets a knife and is able to battle the seeker in attempt to win the round for him/her’s team (hiders).

The hiders have a chance to take out the hider though before he even gets to take them out, how you may ask? Simple, the maps would work in favor of the hiders in order to take out the seeker.

Of course, the seeker might’ve played these maps before and might know of these traps, and I’ve thought of that, I don’t have a exact solution atm but I plan to defiantly figure one out.

Payment details

All payments atm are available via %, though I do have a backup plan if the game DOESN’T work, details on that later if your application is accepted.

I am currently looking for…

1 Animator. This animator will be creating…

Dances & Weapon animations. this animator will be payed UP-FRONT.

2 Builders. These builders will be creating…

Maps & lobby. How will this work? Every “season” (new season every 2 months), we will swap out the maps w/ new ones. Payment is negotiable, 20-40% each!

1 3D Modeler. This 3D Modeler will be creating…

Anything that the map builders can’t that requires 3D modeling, this 3D modeler will be payed UP-FRONT.

All payment is made via group funds, and is in robux. No USD offered, I am sorry, I am a full time student with my own bills I already have enough trouble managing atm… USD may be offered in the future.

also looking for a investor. will be offering a % of game revenue or direct payback + 30%

Yeita#3506 is my discord, @ryeita is my twitter, or you can message me via DevForums! <---- application


Got questions, comments or concerns? Please message me via DevForums if applicable, if regarding the game and payment, etc leave them in the comments.


In regards to players learning the map and avoiding the traps that are in it, perhaps you could have numerous areas in the map where traps could be, and have traps generate randomly in those specific areas (obviously careful to have the traps generate throughout the map rather than in a cluster).


Good idea! Will discuss this once we find the developers. Thank you!


I like the premise of the game, and players learning where traps are is a good thing, that’s what we call organic compensation and games should thrive for that as that is what makes such a game so fun and addicting.

Regarding funding (for advertising I’m assuming); I along with, I’m sure, many other people would gladly invest in a well polished final project – so I recommend not thinking about until you’re just about ready to release. Fact is, most games don’t make it until that point.

Anyways this was a great post, a big improvement on yesterdays, I didn’t reply there, though I wish you success on your game.

I hope this serves as a lil’ bump for your post.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply and as-well read my post. I’ve gathered a good team of people and I’m looking forward to move forward with this project. Applications as of now are closed.

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