Developers un-able to make DevForum portfolios

Since the Developer Forum’s removal of the collaboration board and the launch of the Talent hub, it is both easier and harder for some people to use both. Because of people preferring both features, Roblox could open up the collaboration board for developers again. This would give people an option

If Roblox is able to address this, it would improve developer experiences using the forum because they could manage their portfolio easier again and they could find work easier.

If Roblox could see this please consider this. Even though the Talent Hub is out, some people still prefer the forum, and this would allow people to have an option on which to use. For some, it is easier to work here, and for some it is easier in the Hub.

(Also if this is the wrong category please let me know I am still trying to figure out the categories.)


No, It’s a bad idea. You should go ahead and use the Talent Hub.

They are frequently updating it and it would just be a mess to have both platforms.

You can better request the features you want over there.


This has been proposed time and time again, and the response continues to be the same: Roblox should fix the problems on talent hub, this is the better long-term solution.


But why so? I’ve looked over many threads like OP’s and there’s still a sentiment that always returns in said threads which basically call for the return of the collaboration category. And the way I see it, do you really want to wait for Roblox to improve something?

Take a look at the fact how this forum has gone a year without any form of way to rank up from a member to a regular. Or how certain categories, euhm development discussion, have become cesspools of shitposts for months on end. What I am saying is, do you really have hope that anything will be done to improve the Talent Hub?


Because most developers (especially here) don’t like change. The Talent Hub as a concept is a great one, the execution of it is just incredibly terrible and it feels rushed in certain places. It’s been 4 months since the beta and they are actively working on feedback from what I’ve reported and seen being worked on from Roblox’s side and all we really need to do is wait for the engineering team to iron out the critical issues like the filter.


I’m sorry but it completely ruined my chances of getting hired to save up for funds, all because of that verified logo which does not even prove their trustworthy at all

#collaboration must be back

Also, if your not verified you should notice that you can barely use talent hub at all.


What feedback has been worked upon of what you have reported? More over, the filter just needs to be removed and all that requires is to delete the code that supports it.

Many visual glitches have been fixed so far. There’s lots coming just unsure when. I suggest following Jed (the staffer in charge) to see what’s coming and what’s done.

No. There are users under 18 using the talent hub as well so it wouldn’t be great if the filter wasn’t there. It just needs to be eased.

Shouldn’t there be age restrictions then? I mean probably 13+ would be a good one, but 2 yr olds using the Talent hub doesn’t sound to bright.

You need to be 13 and over to use the Talent Hub already. Make sure to research before asking.

It’s nearly impossible unless you’re verified. Even if you are verified the talent hub is extremely unpolished and having #collaboration as an option until they at least fix some of the more glaring issues would be a godsend.

Not really. It’s more of a mess without both platforms. The portfolio section that is on the talent hub is very limiting (last time I checked you can only have 10 experiences.) On the devforum, however, you have no character limit, an easy way to add images, a easier to use interface and more customability (guis for “prices” “work” etc, custom banners showcasing UI etc.)

Over where?


on the talent hub. but I don’t care

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It probably is the better long term solution, but what about the short term? So many developers (especially unverified ones) have been affected by the removal of #collaboration . I’m not going to state the (pretty obvious) issues with the talent hub because it’s been said before.

Also, the reason it’s been proposed time and time again is because we don’t like the talent hub, and we want collaboration back. We don’t want them to just fix it. We just want collaboration back until they can fix the talent hub. Quite frankly, we would have preferred for the talent hub to have been polished in its beta stage.

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If this forum does not have a filter, some words are still censored eg n-word, why is there a need for a filter on Talent Hub? Both the Devforum and Talent hub is filled with users under the age of 18 and there is a requirement for both platforms for a user to be over the age of 13 years old, albeit this isn’t enforced as far as I am aware.

Moreover, a lack of a filter has been supported before on the Devforum, please refer to this thread. Knowing this, removing the filter on the Talent Hub is likely to be supported there as well. Personally, if you ask me, a lack of filter improves user experiences as it doesn’t filter the things you want to say, preventing you from recomposing your text.

Does the guy have a social media presence somewhere?

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Oh ok, didn’t rlly know the site is confusing.

In the short term they should work on the problems with talent hub so that in the long term talent hub is a feasible replacement to collaboration. Deprecating (and eventually deleting) collaboration improves discovery for more important categories, such as #roblox-surveys , which is currently under #collaboration . Roblox has even delayed the total deletion of the category in acknowledgment of the talent hub still needing work.

I believe they meant on the forum, as he has posted in the talent hub categories quite frequently.


So people don’t use the n-word as you just showed.

Only reason why no one wants a filter here is because Roblox shows time and time again that their own filter is god awful. The filter isn’t there to stifle your speech but to protect minors and have Roblox avoid the Karens that will moan to any new outlet any day about Roblox’s “wrongdoings”. Guess who has voted no for the most part? Yes you did guess it - minors.

Yes but it’s more personal. I recommend following him here for any Talent Hub related news.

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I’d also like to point out that not only, Karen’s would come but because talent hub also allows non forum users, as of now most roblox users which aren’t in the forum is more annoying, less peaceful, and more toxic than most of the forum users.


Since I feel like this would relate to this topic at hand:

i partly agree with this, however, i think collaboration should be brought back just for the ability to create portfolios on it, not recruitment. talenthub already has enough job posts as it is lol.

it is so much more convenient to make portfolios on the devforum than it is on talenthub. hence, i think collaboration should just be refurbished instead of removed or put as a subcategory in #bulletin-board. users could post their work and get no replies. they could then add this topic link to their talent hub bio or something to showcase their work without the need to use a 3rd party website. this would also mean developers don’t have a limit on the amount of words/characters like on talenthub and are free from the filter. it would be the best of both worlds; people who like talenthub can still use talenthub, and people who prefer the devforum can still utilise it + get used to using talenthub more often at the same time.

i understand where roblox was going w this talenthub bull but they just implemented it in the wrong way. they’re forgetting that not all work is based on experience, people need a visual representation too sometimes. having a portfolio is also a way to showcase one’s personality and professionalism which further helps recruiters on the talenthub choose a worthy person to commission. it would be so much easier to get a job and give jobs if we just got portfolios back. i want to go on the talent hub to see colour, not words.