Developing a new Tsunami game

Hi all! So it’s not much as it’s just a little side project but I’ve been working on releasing a new game named ‘Tsunami Mania’. Let me know what you think!


In my opinion, the game is nice but a bit boring

Lobby 8/10 I like the idea of a flying island with a waterfall.
Gameplay 6/10 I know the game is in early development, but I just wanted to give my suggestion to add some extra rounds like some buildings will be destroyed, which will decrease the chance of winning which is easy now.
Map 7/10

I appreciate the feedback! I agree with you.

I tried to make the buildings fall with breakjoints, and it seemed to work well except when I played the game outside of studio, the falling parts caused the tsunami and the game to slow down. I tried to fix this by deleting certain parts after they’d broken off, but that didn’t work either.

For that problem use Debris make the falling parts disappear after 10 seconds that should hopefully boost performance.

Remove the tags.
One point I can think of the tags are just to make it the game show up when you search ‘flood escape’ ‘tsunami’, etc since it’s related but it’s literal junk in the game description not worth it really.

You can instead replace it with credits as that would be a nicer addition.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll give that a go!

I tried debris a while back but it seemed to destroy part of the map for some reason and still had some lag. I will give it another go though.

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