Developing map on monster game, need opinions on progress so far

Hi! For the past few months I’ve been working on an open world monster game heavily inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon called Battle Creek! (No, I’m not infringing on any IPs.) Right now, my goal for the map is creating an explorable map that will run well for mobile players while being immersive and engaging. Below are some screenshots of my map so far, and any feedback would be appreciated.


I recommend making more than one tree model that way there is more variety.


Maybe add railing and little rocks on the path. Maybe, you could even make some littles useless house, in the middle of nowhere, it could be nice as a decoration.
Since you are making a monster game, did you thought about a cemetery?

Plus, there are some little ‘’ errors ‘’ all along the pictures. For example :

Looks great! You’ve made good use of scenery and nature, although I recommend using more colour (e.g., several shades of grass and rocks) as well as more layers and other forms of building to show higher terrain rather than just blocks. Meshes serve well.

Overall, I think the build has one fatal flaw and that is its simplicity. The perfectly straight roads ruin immersion as does the lack of distinctive terrain. As somebody has also mentioned, there is an unwanted homogeneity in terms of trees as well. Otherwise, your focus on organisation in terms of where certain places are situated is dapper.

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What exactly is the error that you have encircled?

The color are not the same, the top one is brighter.

In my opinion, the styles are kinda fighting each other, for example, in the first pic you have the bank, which has perfectly round pillars, the houses’ details are round and the car statue uses cylinders, but at the same time, the paths, the flowers, the trees and the houses are very blocky, so yeah, mostly that bothers me, aside from that gj dude.

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Initially the pictures strike me as very vibrant and colorful. I love the environment creation, although I think there are some departments that need a little more love.


  • Lighting, lighting seems like it’d do the most good for something like this.
  • Redundancy, some models feel like they’re seen far too often. There needs to be more differentiation in model use to increase immersion.
  • Depth, some areas feel like they could use some more love and creative thought. The western one albeit being in the barren desert…feels far too empty.
  • The town could use more unique buildings, feel like there’s a lot of the same houses pasted too many times.


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I like the map so far, I think it looks nice. Great job!
What you need improving on:

  • All of the sun flowers in this image look exactly the same. Maybe you could vary them slightly by make some taller and shorter.

  • What is that part doing on that central path?

  • This central path is bothering me. I don’t like the blocky part about it.

  • As the others have said in this topic. The trees need to be varied. Make some taller, shorter and most importantly vary how the leaves are on the top of them.

Will do, thanks

I do have plans for a graveyard, I just didn’t show off progress on that so far because it wasn’t completed.

I’m really trying to make it more ‘simple’ because I’m worried that if it too detailed, mobile players will have a difficult time playing.

Yeah, but if it’s not enough detailed, PC players and developers won’t come on your game

Why target your game to phone users? Phone users generally play games for 10-15 minutes, whereas a captivating game will capture a PC user’s imagination for far longer. Phone games are usually played sporadically, during lunch breaks, for example. To play a game on the PC is more regimented.

Where did you get the statistic for mobile players w/ play time?

Also, I think the OP has valid reasons for wishing to have the game available to all users on any platform without lag/ performance issues, but might be too hyper-vigilant over it to the point its lowered the quality of the game’s map possibly.

Maybe I’m misinformed, but I’m pretty sure smooth terrain as well as mesh terrain for a map this large could possibly cause problems the OP wishes to avoid.


I recommend you:

  • Make a variety of different flowers, trees, and rocks.
  • Make more plants such as, mushrooms, cactus’s, ect.
  • Do not use the same exact model(flowers/ trees) too many times, or it looks rushed.
  • Add this plugin to make it seem like it’s a bright sunny happy day.
  • Make everything more detailed(more structural designs)
  • Fill more buildings in
  • Tweek(add curves, make it semi low-poly) your builds to look more unique.

Other then that, amazing! Keep up the good work, and I hope this project succeeds!

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Would use low-poly trees/models. Or more detailed models.

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The bank needs some improvement. image
I feel like there should be some more details like windows.
It also looks small for a bank.

i recommend that add more detail to the terrain and the path
like making certain area’s of the terrain higher and making the path swerve more and i also think you should add more detail like rock’s along the path maybe patches of grass

but other than that it look’s really good

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