Development Help: Clouds

Hello I want to know the best way to make a realistic cloud. For example, a cloud that when you get closer, it will get foggier and foggier until you get inside where its completely foggy with low visibility. What is the best way to make this? :cloud:

I think the best way to make a cloud was using “emitter particle” because you can insert any kind of image that you want plus you can download your own realistic cloud and try to upload to Roblox website and try to use the id of the decal that you have created. After you insert that, it will be come like realistic cloud

Sure but it can be laggy, what about a larger cloud like a thousands studs or bigger

is it to big? like Big Big?
plus you can use any model that related to cloud and try to transparent it to…0.5

Big big like at least 1000 studs or large

for one model?
i think that cover up the hold map…
i think you can choose both of this or wait for somebody to help
i think that all for now…

and why i talk to much about “I think”

okay i will wait (30 characters)

If I go for particle you can’t see it from far away