Development of Dark Demon game

About Me

I am a creative young developer. I have not created a group yet.
And I’m only the best at orienting and designing games, other things I’m not bad but can’t do it all by myself.
I tried writing disposable plugins to ease the work with the mouse but couldn’t do it with animation, model and Gui.

The Team
@bjdanh266- Game Design

About The Job

You will choose to be one of the missing things for game development.

The game is actually quite large and it has the early name of “Dark Demon”.But don’t worry because I designed the first version and it’s very simple.

Game Idea

In the game you will fight against demons, protect the city, adventure in the world or stay building and developing the city. You have a difficult decision when choosing one of the three paths from ordinary people to being evil, angel or unchanged.
You have up to 3 mysterious powers:
Elemental energy, legendary crystals, infinite skills


Will you get what?
You get a percentage of your profits from donating for game.
I really can’t guarantee if the game fails but this is a very new idea. You will have the right to receive or not my instructions. Of course the amount of money received will decrease but in return your work will be very simple and fast.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or
Regardless of age.
I am currently calling on new developers or those who love challenges and are not afraid to be as hard as me. I started renting later.

When enough members will start to discuss about the game.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is there any backup payment incase the game does not do well and make robux? Most developers will want this so I advise you to get some if you do not have any.


I am currently calling for new developers. I started renting later. because I’m just a new person.

I am interested add me on Discord : CanadianError#9092

Thanks, we have more programmers.
Team Now:
me - Game Design, navigation, directions.

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