Development Tab Feature Requests

Three minor requests that would make the Development page much better:

  1. If I am going to edit my games, please sort them by recently updated. [CORRECTION - it looks like they are, but the fact that Personal Build Servers are always the most recently updated pushes all my places below the fold. Can we filter out PBSs]
  2. When I publish a new game, please make it active by default. I imagine we lose 10% of new builders on this step.
  3. For the love of god, let me sort the order games appear on my profile page.

Throw in the default sort listing the active places before inactive ones, and we got a party.


“please sort them by recently updated.”

games not places.

What is the difference between a Game and Place? Why do I need to browse them separately?

Shouldn’t all the config information go under the GAME and the GAMES should be the main tab. The GAMES tab should be sorted by recently updated.

PLACES should have no config information, they are basically just assets. They probably shouldn’t even show up except in Studio. Even there they should be in a folder in the game when you open it, since they are basically level files for a game, similar to other assets like sounds, decals, and scripts.

This would fix the problem where PLACES that update themselves do not appear as the first thing I see when I go to my Development tab, which is, honestly, never what I want to see.

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Ugh – why did ROBLOX have to name universes games? The terminology is always confusing. They did this with clans/groups too :frowning:

Anyway, I see where you’re coming from now. Though, before we actually start treating games like actual games, we need some improvements:

Ability to set more than the start place of a game to joinable (e.g. if I make a Egg Hunt game where I want people to be able to follow their friends to different map-places without having to force them into the start place, then prompt them who they want to follow, use datastore requests to store which instance a person is in and then teleport the person from the lobby to another place forcing them through two loading screens (start place and place their friend is at)

Way to transmit stats and data between two different games through Lua code (I don’t want to have to have a universe in which the main place is a GUI saying “Which would you like to visit? The database? The fort? The training facility?” just so I can keep track of the fort and training facility’s stats in the database.

Way to archive places/games (really annoying when both my games and places section are cluttered with loose places / empty games [created because you have to create a new game to create a blank place to insert into a universe])

and once those are done, transition to make games actually games and:

Opening a universe(game) shouldn’t open up the start place as soon as you click on it – it should just highlight the game and bring the Game Explorer into focus and let you select a game to open

Opening a second place in a game shouldn’t open it in a new window, but instead in the same window. Same game – same window. Different game – different window.

Allow us to configure places in the game explorer via right click > configure (can’t do that already)

Here’s a neat mnemonic to remember them:

They have single places, but multiple games are better.

I know the difference between the two :confused: The reason it’s confusing is because for the 5-or-so years pre-universe-implementation (and even still now) people used/use the two terms interchangeably, so unless you read every post thinking “games and places are different. games and places are different. games and places are different”, you’re going to mix the two up.

Why are universes called ‘games’ when they are universes?

game = interlinked places
game = a place you can play
place = a game on the ‘games’ page
place = a game on a profile’s ‘active places’ list
universe = disambiguation word that was dropped

Sorry if this got off topic but maybe a reasonable answer to dinizterz’s question exists somewhere

100% Support this It is very annoying to make a place inactive then active again just to sort games.

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“Hey, I wanna play this game with you, friend! I can’t seem to get into the same server…”

“Oh, fellow Follower, you can’t reach my Game Instance because I’m a part of a Games.”