Developmental iPad Bluetooth Keyboard WASD and ChatKey/ Support

As a workaround since the Roblox Client on iPad’s [and possibly Apple/Android] do not fire events for InputBegan or InputEnded on Bluetooth Keyboards, this module will use a hack to listen to text added into a TextBox to help support a developmental method of WASD movement and using / to chat.

iPad’s already (partially) support the use of a Bluetooth mouse to look around (cursor doesn’t lock in position when moving mouse on Right Click) but doesn’t support any key pressed except for when typing into a Text Box.

I’ve made this into a rough draft Character Control Module which checks if the player is on a Touch Device without Native Keyboard Enabled to instantly hook and listen to keypresses.

Please take advantage of uncommenting _G.iPadEnabled in the iPadHandler localscript and first asking your players if they would like to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

If a player has accepted to use a Bluetooth keyboard, simply set _G.iPadEnabled=true

If you don’t uncomment this out, a iPad or mobile device user without a Keyboard will be stuck with their Touch Keyboard always open. There is no way of telling if a device has a Bluetooth Keyboard connected so this module keeps focus onto a Text Box to look for new keys clicked so asking a Player may be the only option.

How to install

Place this script with it's Module into StarterPlayerScripts.

iPadHandler.rbxm (5.3 KB)




Thank you. This is pretty helpful. I have a Samsung tablet and phone that I like to test my games on (usually the UI), but this is helpful for debugging with chat events specifically.

I could probably reproduce the steps for an Android.

casually plays Roblox on an iPad with a Samsung keyboard lol


Oh my goodness thank you. You’re the best I’ve been looking for a solution to this forever now I have it. :slight_smile: thanks dude. :+1:

I can say this works. I personally have a Bluetooth Keyboard and I was searching for a solution like this. It’s really annoying that Roblox hasn’t implemented that yet. Here are (as you mentioned) some annoying Problems too, for example: the player needs to click multiple time the Keys to move.

I hope, that this will be implemented soon.
We already have an Featured Request for that, but it is still not implemented. :smiling_face_with_tear: