DevEx Account Locked

My DevEx account has been locked because I tried brute forcing the password(yes it was dumb of me to do I forgot what it was but I was just being stupid). So I go to request a password reset but it says my account is locked. I try contacting customer support with the DevEx request and I haven’t gotten a response yet but I contact customer support with the DevEx HowTo section and they responded but couldn’t help me. I just sent another email to the same section with a screenshot of the issue but does anyone know how to get this lifted?


You need to reach out to Tipalti if it’s an issue with your portal account. DevEx program staff don’t have access to your account and use it only as a means of issuing the payment; your Tipalti portal account is the one that reviews your preferred withdraw method to determine how to send the funds and naturally also should be able to help you with portal issues as the service operators.