DevEx amount options bug

I am unable to DevEx as the amount options are not clickable. I am on the beta list, so it’s probably to do with website updates. Next month is coming very soon too!

This is about all the roblox server glitches I guess you should try tommorow ;).

My devex has been waiting since the 17th, my friends been on hold since the 15th.
This month I really needed those cash on time, I expected it to be processed the 20th.

It might be cause alot of people made devex during summer.

I submitted mine on the first and didn’t even get it until a couple days ago. It’s never taken me 3 days to get it processed. It’s always a week or two, but this month was extra long.

I submitted on the first of the month like usual and got it on the 12th, but maybe they process them in the order in which they come in. (I sent it at like 3-4AM US time since I’m in Europe)

They usually process them the 20th-22nd even if u send it in the 19th.

I don’t know about you, but with all these site issues going on right now I would wait a day or two before doing something as important as cashing out.

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mine’s been pending since the 7th

rip me

I actually got my most recent one in 3 days, somehow lol.

That’s regular time btw.

2.5 weeks is the new 7 days (how long it took for me the first month devex came out)

I tasked to some of the people who process devex and they say it’s based on order and backlog.

If you submit it the first hour of the month you’ll get it much sooner than if you had submitted it 12 hours later.

Someone needs to make a graph of DevEx in and out times, and compile some charts from it. I’m sure many people would be willing to give out dates, and it would likely help people smooth out the trends and cash out at times where Roblox isn’t having a gold rush and can’t process anything for a while.

And… I’m curious maybe.

I imagine they didn’t process many/any devex requests while roblox was having those security issues.

I submitted at the end of a month