DevEx Guidelines Reminder

Hey Developers,

This is a general reminder about our Developer Exchange program’s Terms of Use. It came to our attention that some Developers were unclear if it was acceptable to DevEx on their account for another user. You absolutely cannot DevEx on behalf of others, no matter the circumstances. Attempting to do so will impact your eligibility to DevEx as well as the user you are attempting to DevEx for. Doing this may also result in your account being deleted from Roblox.

You can learn more about our Developer Exchange program here:

You can read our full Developer Exchange Terms of Use here:

Developer Relations Team


When you’re waiting for that perfect dev team so you can dev ex ;(


What if you’re devexing your own money you earned for maybe a family member, or a good friend who really needs the money, I mean you guys really won’t be able to police this all that well as for the most part users who do devex, are devexing legitimately, regardless if their intent is to give the money to somebody else in the end.

There may be that handful who will take money from someone else to devex for them, but there is actual circumstances where devexing to give someone else the money is actually needed. (I.E Paying a developer in USD, or helping a family member out with expenses they have.)

That’s not what behalf means. This rule prevents someone who was declined from giving their robux to a friend with no moderation history so that the friend can devex as a proxy and then give them the money.


It can be interpreted in different ways. :stuck_out_tongue: I just happened to interpret it the wrong way.

:ok_hand: That makes more sense.

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I think what carlos is trying to say is you after you get the money don’t give it to another roblox user but after that do whatever you want with it.

This is probably being stated because someone devex’d for someone who was banned from devexing.

While on topic, I wanted to ask…

If someone received their payment via a shirt/pants/t-shirt, would they still be able to devex that money? Sure that its hard to determine if there is something fishy going on with the said transaction but, a case where its legitimate is that:

Person 1 has R$ in their account but not in a group, and they want to commission person 2, so they have person 2 make a t-shirt and they’d send them the R$ that way.

I’m gonna assume that person 2 will have their devex declined, but is there a way for it to be cleared so that it can be devexed as its a legitimate payment.

The policy I understand, Roblox declines people for a reason. However, what i’m concerned about is how will this be moderated? Is it a case by case basis because unless they say in text it will be impossible for roblox to track where the money goes after roblox pays someone.

Does roblox monitor large robux payments between its devex members? How would this kind of group payout look different from a developer getting paid for work they did?

Hopefully this doesn’t mean that if someone devex exempt pays you for work through group funds you cant devex :confused:

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@Builder_Boy @SteadyOn This is not a new policy – laundered Robux has always been disallowed. If you have DevEx’d in the past, you’re good to continue cashing out.

This policy is transparent to legitimate developers – only users trying to bypass a DevEx ban will be affected. Roblox has extensive logging for anything on the site, monetary transfers included, so they can tell the difference between laundering and payments for work.


Of the 3 times I’ve devex’d, 2 of them consisted of Robux that came from t-shirt purchases because of commissions. It should be fine unless you were doing something shady >.>


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