DevEx Processing - Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday 2023

Greetings DevEx community!

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season right around the corner - we want to inform you of some important dates that may impact your DevEx requests.

Due to the limited staff availability, we advise you to submit DevEx requests early.

More specifically…

Thanksgiving break :turkey:

We recommend that you submit your DevEx requests before November 17 to receive payment, otherwise, we will resume review on November 27.

Winter Holiday :snowman:

We recommend that you submit your DevEx request by December 8 to receive payment, otherwise, we will resume DevEx request review on January 2, 2024.

Due to the high volume of requests that we receive during the Winter holiday, it may take longer than normal to process your request.

Please visit our DevEx FAQ for more information.

Thank you,
Developer Relations


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You guys deserve the break! You’ve worked so hard this year. :grin:


Edit so I don’t sound like such a douchebag;

Good that you guys get rest, it really should be an automated system, but it is what it is.
On the other hand;
please increase devex rate,

that %60 total tax is rough


I thought you were going to raise Devex fees on Thanksgiving Day and Winter Holiday. :upside_down_face:

Maybe it’s true, huh? :wink:


I wish… where did you hear that?


After the security updates this year, we will forgive the holiday downtime.


… and then destabilize what funds run our own ganes


Although I’m not in a place to DevEx, I’m glad you guys aren’t over working. :grin:


I will restate what I said last year, manual DevEx review is not a long term scalable solution.

I believe Roblox should be looking into automating the process as much as they can. I know that is not a super easy thing to do, but I’m sure it is possible, especially with all the talented people at Roblox.

Regardless, I hope you guys have a great relaxing break!


Why can more people not be hired to process these requests? Shutting down payments for an entire month due to staffing issues(?) is not acceptable for a multi billion dollar company


Bro forgot people have families


Everyone does, it doesn’t mean businesses shut down for an entire month whenever there’s holidays especially when those businesses generate billions of dollars of revenue. There are people who would have no problem working thru December and the new year. This move by Roblox just continues to show they don’t care about supporting individual developers professionally, we are just a tool to them


How would lowering taxes on sales “destabilize” funds?


You guys deserve a longer vacation since this year has been amazing.

Most of us didn’t know you could perform the kind of hard work that you guys have done.

Roblox, thank you. :heart: :turkey: :snowman:


I wouldn’t do that, Devex rates are bad, because they already spend more then half a billion dollars a year on developers (proven on 2021, probably more now) and they provide free servers for us, a free engine for us to work on and worldwide servers. If you compare the devex rates with steam and such, it would most likely be nearly the same.


Worst thing to ever be done, if that happens developers will be doomed and more bots will apply to the devex program n such, and it will be a pain. Manual review is better because some devs are requesting to devex a couple of thousand dollars, so ofcourse no bot is ever going to do automatic proccesing worth alot of money.


Deserved break but Honestly the dev ex ($100 for 30,000) would be better at $100 for 25k.


I’d say it’s quite the opposite of businesses shutting down for an entire month; businesses are at their busiest during the holidays. Roblox is likely getting ready for an influx of players and player activity, so Roblox might be redirecting team attention to issues related to that instead of DevEx. Combine that with team members who need time off and no matter how many employees you have your gonna need to compromise somewhere iykwim.


None of your points make any sense and you clearly don’t understand what you are talking about.

In my research, every major “content sharing platform” (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) have automated systems for payouts to creators. They all of course still have people available to review more nuanced cases, but the majority of the time it is completely automated. Roblox is an outlier here, and the reality is automation and AI is significantly more economical and efficient. I’m not saying humans should be replaced, there are still cases where the system may be incorrect and having humans there to aid with that is always going to be important.

If you’d like to provide me with an actually coherent argument, I’d be glad to hear it.