Devex Question. What if i change my roblox email?

If i change my roblox email will it effect my devex portal account? Im scared if i change my email to my new email it will mess it up.

If you change your Roblox account’s email you may have your next exchange request rejected and need to provide DevEx staff your previous information so they can verify that you are still the owner of the account and therefore the funds to be exchanged. You will need to follow up by asking for a rejection reason and they should reply back asking for details. The email you supply for the Tipalti account should be the same as the Roblox account’s; change it if not.

You can reach out to for support regarding changed details for accounts or any further inquiries or concerns regarding the problem. That’s the dedicated support line that’ll assist you with using the program.


Are you saying I should like first try to devex or should I just go ahead and contact them? And do i contact them straight from emailing them or do I go to the Roblox support page.