DevEx rejected right after Premium stopped

Is this normally supposed to happen where the request gets declined because I dont have premium anymore? I dont remember doing anything bannable on roblox other than maybe 3 years ago which wasnt severe. I also had no problems DevExing before this. Maybe roblox’s questioning my identity??

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You also got removed from beta

I believe Premium is required to perform a DevEx.

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If so, that’s pretty dumb imo.

You do need premium to devex I remember it like it was yesterday

Most of the time is not about the user dev-exing, but where the money itself comes from. Legitimate robux is mostly earned through games and all ugc sales (hats, shirts, clothing, gamepasses, etc). Limited item sales do not count for dev-exable robux. If you earned money through a commission, if that robux was not earned legitimately your dev-ex may be declined.

TL;DR: Make sure you know where your robux is coming from!

I hope this helps!


How do you know? It doesnt seem like I did.

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I requested the devex before it expired. Thats why I’m asking was that why?

Yes most likely. They probably are processing it now, and see you don’t have premium.

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I know i’m late but here

"1. What are the requirements?The DevEx requirements are outlined as follows:

  • Member of Roblox Premium
  • Minimum of 100,000 earned Robux in your account (Please review section 3.B.of the DevEx Terms of Use for more information regarding what qualifies as earned Robux)
  • Verified Email Address
  • Valid DevEx Portal Account (First Time DevEx participants will be invited to create a DevEx portal account after the DevEx request form has been submitted)
  • 13 years of age or older
  • Roblox Community Member in good standing having complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use*Note All DevEx requests are reviewed for eligibility upon submission. As stated in the Terms of Use we “reserve the right to review activity on accounts to assess the validity of Robux balances, and to deny payment to any user that we feel has violated the terms or the spirit of our program.”