DevEx Submit Issue

Ok, so i just was testing out the new devex, seeing if I could cash any money out.

I had put in 30K, but then i pressed submit, thinking there was an extra verification screen or an e-mail, but there wasn’t. (plus i didn’t even have a card or credentials hooked up to it) I checked my Robux, 30K was gone. I don’t even have my Tipalti / DevEx account logged in. I tried logging into my DevEx account, my password didn’t work. So then went to “forgot password” and entered my info, then there was literally no e-mail sent to me. I checked my spam, tried again. Nothing. Does anyone know what to do? I can’t afford losing 30K

Please help.

You’ll get an email a few days if your devex was accepted a long with an invitation to register a tipalti account. If your devex isnt accepted your robux is refunded and you’ll receive a message on roblox saying it was rejected.

Thank you so much, you dont know how relieving this is to hear

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