Devex W-8BEN Tax Form (Outside the US)

I have couple questions about the Tax Form W-8BEN, it’s very confusing and if anyone can help explain these following questions that would be nice


  • I am not a US citizen
  • I am under the age of 18

my following questions are marked with the red line (Correct if this is the wrong form)

Part II is also not clear if someone could explain it ^^

you cannot fill this out without your parents, talk to them

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Obviously, however my parents will get confused as of I’m not even a US citizen and I resident in the UAE and they never seen those tax stuff before so I need to explain to them what they should do atleast so I won’t have problems submitting it.

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You should look it up online instead of asking a Roblox Development forum.

Sup! Disclaimer : I am no expert in any of this!

So from what I researched, here’s what I can tell you:

  • For line 5, I think you can leave this blank or just write N/A as you definitely do not have an SSN (Social Security Number for the US) and you cannot get a ITIN (Individual Tax Identifying Number) in the UAE as they don’t give out TINs to individuals as there isn’t any individual income tax (from what I know)
  • For line 6a, leave this blank or as N/A as well, as… you cannot get an FTIN as an individual there.
  • For line 6b, you can probably tick the box, as I don’t think FTINs are legally required for individuals in the UAE.
  • For line 7, it’s basically asking you to provide any information, records or references to information that might help to identify the owner (you) of the paper. You can also leave this N/A if you want.

Good luck, and just as a reminder, I researched all of this in the last 30 minutes so please, do your own research as well! Even better if you can get somebody whos actually qualified in this stuff to talk to!.

Instructions for that form here (warning: its a lot):

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